Hey Lady, You Suck at Parenting

Andy Hinds doesn’t swear in front of his kids and he has a message for parents that do.

Let’s Talk About Being A Male Feminist

Ariel Chesler believes that men who recognize and write about their own male gaze and internalized sexism should be applauded and not shamed.

Whoever Said Millennials are Lazy Never Met Danny Mendoza

What do you do when you see the hurt and need of kids in your community? If you’re Danny Mendoza, you set out to change their lives. Together We Rise was a winner of Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good, sponsor of this post.

Imaginary Stars: Half-Assed Discipline and Tips for Holistic Parents

Andy Hinds discovered that his scary daddy voice was no longer working to get his kids to behave. So he brought out the big guns: a star chart.

The Chickens Come Home to Roost

Andy Hinds and his friend decided to become urban farmers, building a “Coop de Ville” and trekking out to a farm to bring home their hens.

Baby Take a Ride in My (Chicken) Coop DeVille

Every man needs a passion. For Andy Hinds, it’s the super-deluxe chicken coop he just built: The Coop DeVille.

Is Dad Blogging a Kind of Ambulance Chasing?

Blogging on the princess industrial complex and other hot-button parenting issues leaves Zach Rosenberg feeling conflicted

‘The End of Men’ Turned Me Into a Caricature

Andy Hinds was shocked by the way Hanna Rosin portrayed his life in her book ‘The End of Men’ – and he wants to set the record straight.

Why Parent Blogging is Exactly Like Punk Rock

Andy Hinds insists that while may not think it at first, parent blogging is exactly like punk rock… without the mohawks.

The Best of GMP’s Dad Writing

Today we offer you 10 of our favorite stories from Dads, about being a father and what fatherhood means to them. These stories are funny, touching, sad and above all, honest.

How Parent Blogging Made Me a Worse Parent

Andy Hinds confesses how overly-ambitious daddy blogging late into the night made him into a grumpy, hypocrite dad in the morning.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt On Journalistic Integrity and Honoring Loved Ones

Massively-talented actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt made an appeal today about the way his brother’s death was portrayed in the media that caused Joanna Schroeder to think about what really matters in storytelling.

I Hate Miami: Does Sports Teach Hostility?

Andy Hinds fears that sports culture may be teaching our kids aggression, based upon a cultish and arbitrary legacy.

Open Thread: What Sort of Father Was Your Dad?

What type of father was your dad? What’s your best memory of him? As a parent, will you learn from his mistakes or try to be just like him?


Andy Hinds and his father share memories of Andy’s bootlegging, fist-fighting, cowboy grandfather, “Tex.”

Parenting Magazine and the Changing Role of Dads

DadsGood blogger Andy Hinds weighs in on HLN.com today about the ways in which at-home dads are portrayed in mainstream media.