The Boy I Was, The Man it Makes Me

Scott Sonnon child adult

Scott Sonnon has a mission to speak out for all of what he has seen.

“Be A Man!” The War Cry, The Tragedy.

In this excerpt from his new book, The Remade Parent, author Brett Hetherington, talks about the typical cold, distant father. And their impressionable sons.

Pure Hot Holy Anger and How It Can Move You to Make a Difference


Robin Rice has learned that sometimes anger can be a force for good in the world. All you have to do is let it move you.

Will Teaching Require Hazard Pay? One Teacher’s Confession.


The fear of school shootings has forced one teacher to quit the profession she loves most.

I Have a Right – Thomas Fiffer Gets Angry About Rage and Offers a New Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights

Martin Luther King had a dream of equality and justice. On a day when we celebrate these freedoms, Thomas Fiffer asserts our right to rage-free relationships.

6 Life Lessons from “The Wolf of Wall Street”

leo wolf ap

Dr. Jed Diamond asks: What part of the wolf lives in you?

Why You Want to Let Go of Your Story


Dillan DiGiovanni suggests that another way of freeing ourselves from our inner turmoil and struggle.

Forgiveness: The Key to Healing From Abuse


How Nannette Ricaforte found healing from abuse through her fight against human trafficking.

Moving Beyond the Relationship Blame Game


Freya Watson believes only when men and women see other as spiritual beings with lessons to learn, will the mutual wounding stop.

“Anger is an excuse for, rather than a cause of, abusive behavior.”

photo by alexmartin81

“We all feel angry. We don’t all choose to abuse because we’re angry.”

Are We Raising Emotionally Literate Boys?

angry boy2-by Kris Mouser-Brown-flickr

Sherri Rosen is worried that boys are not being raised to be emotionally literate.

Control the Anger or Lose the Relationship

Good Men Project, Relationships, Love, Sex, Anger, Controlling your Anger, Steven Lake, Dr. Steven Lake,

Dr. Steven Lake explains the importance of taking ownership of your anger

Anger, The Dark Passenger


Eric Robillard has stopped naming his anger passion and has come to grapple with his verbally abusive Dark Passenger.

Getting Real about the Emotional Range of Men


Joe Rutland challenges men to feel outside the gender box.

Coaches: Bullies from the Top Down


N.C. Harrison recounts his own experiences with bullying coaches.

How I Learned to Stop Fearing Anger and Love My Wife

Jeff Billig and Wife

Jeff Billig looks at anger from a variety of ways and comes to the conclusion, “it’s not so bad.”