Guide to You Pets Vet Needs

Our pets are a part of our families, so we have to treat them that way and that includes taking care of your pet’s health by making regular trips to your Vet.

The Bird Of Truth

Chris Forte on his spiritual journey and how a bird helped awaken him to all that is possible.

This Video Made My Day: A Dolphin Asks a Man for Help

A Dolphin is entangled in a fishing line, thankfully a Hawaiian diving instructor is here to help.

Go and Enjoy the Snow as Big Panda Does in This Video

Toronto Zoo’s Panda named Da Mao enjoys snow fall and frolics around in the white stuff.

Why We Crave Porn

Although we treat porn as a commodity, it is actually a deeply desired human interaction.

A ‘Call Me Maybe’ Parody to Watch With Your Kids

Cookie Monster puts a family-friendly spin on the cloyingly popular Tween sensation “Call Me, Maybe” that makes the original song significantly more tolerable.

Ten things I've learned from hosting stuffed animal parades with my sister as a child

Stuffed animals love being in parades. Many stuffed animals are named after the type of animal that they are. For instance: “bear” “owl” “big mouse” “fluffy bunny”. Other animals are named “Mr. Soldier” or “Sally”. The parades we held always had a trio of bad guys trying to stop the parades from happening. Those bad […]

Ten things I’ve learned from Tyler (a cat)

If you have a loud and persistent enough meow, you can get anything you want. Wet food tastes better than dry food. No matter how annoying their normal state of being is, you get really worried when your cat stops being so annoying. “I know I wanted him to be quiet and eat less to […]