The Man Who Makes Music for Cats

Because men love animals too. (And yes, there is a cute cat video included.)

Bears Scared Away By A 20 Pound French Bulldog

A security video shows a fearless French bulldog charging toward two bear cubs.

A Wandering Mind is… What am I Talking About Again?

When animals wander we call them free range. But when minds wander we call it ADD?

How to Love a Man Who Is Both Strong and Sensitive

Let go of your old-school expectations and enjoy the multifaceted modern man.

A Meditation on Independence

Louise Thayer looks back on her life choices to understand what it means to be free.

Handle Your Jealousy. Don’t Let It Handle You

Shanna Anderson shows us all that jealousy realizes only negative outcomes.

Guy High Fives Shark, Shark High Fives Back

Some people (and sharks, apparently) are friendlier than others.

The Great, and Calming, Buck Brannaman

He Gentles Horses. He Can Transform Your Kids—And Yourself

Just to See if I Could

Ethan Gilsdorf remembers the summer of 1977, the year he was ten, and the intersection of boys, violence, and the animal kingdom.

Sex Can Be a Risky Business

Some creatures use electricity and vibrations in sex (and this can be dangerous).

How to Start a Relationship According to Maroon 5

“I am going to stalk you until you are mine” is not a path to live happily every after. Hello, Adam Levine?

Meet the Best Fathers on the Planet (Hint: They’re Not Human)

Buzz Bishop highlights three examples of “dads” from the animal kingdom that should be considered amongst the best, most dedicated fathers on Earth.

What if Nature Spoke Directly to You?

When a man tunes his ear to the voice of the land and nature, a new perspective can emerge. Do you have the courage to listen?

Watch this Man’s Joy As He Is Hugged by a Seal

A journalist sits down to take pictures of baby elephant seals. The seals lie down on top of him. You will laugh along with him at the experience.

Cute, Dangerous and Cuddly

A man’s guide to Aussie animals.

Real Men Love Animals

Next time you see a man tossing a ball to a dog, throwing a Frisbee or stroking a cat: watch carefully. There is magic in the interaction. Pure magic.