In this Brotherhood, the Tie that Binds is Animal Rights

Brothers Justin and Jared Goodman are the architects behind some of PETA’s biggest victories.

Strange Man Wrestles a Wild Ruffed Grouse

Man vs Wild Bird

Meat Eaters in the Wild

Stumbling upon an alligator, eating an alligator…

Question of the Day: Who is Your Animal Companion?

April 11 is National Pet Day. The animal friends in our lives give us so much. How about yours?

One Man’s Vow of Kindness, Compassion, and Dog Food

A heartwarming story of how keeping dog food in his car led one man to help a dog AND his human companion.

Wild Boars Helped to Shore

People who help animals are good people.

Why Leonardo da Vinci Would Have Aced the Internet Cat Craze

Gabriele Neher on how Leonardo da Vinci was the ultimate cat enthusiast.

Going Vegan Today Helps Ensure a Greener Tomorrow

Putting the brakes on climate change begins with a simple change of diet

Part of Being Green is Loving those Bugs

Bugs aren’t pretty or popular, but like it or not they are incredibly important for our environment.

Man Vs. Cats: The Dark Night of the Soul

How can you really hate an animal that is calling out in the night for love?

How Curiosity can Save Species from Extinction

Curiosity leads us to ask questions that can lead to innovative answers.

Police, Humanity and Man’s Best Friend: An Ode to Honor

What makes a good boy a good man? When police in Ankeny, Iowa needed help, a five-year-old answered the call in an unexpected way.

The Man Who Makes Music for Cats

Because men love animals too. (And yes, there is a cute cat video included.)

Bears Scared Away By A 20 Pound French Bulldog

A security video shows a fearless French bulldog charging toward two bear cubs.

A Wandering Mind is… What am I Talking About Again?

When animals wander we call them free range. But when minds wander we call it ADD?

How to Love a Man Who Is Both Strong and Sensitive

Let go of your old-school expectations and enjoy the multifaceted modern man.