Ann Coulter, Scare the Liberals! …Bill Maher Eats Crow Regarding Trump Prediction

The people want a wall and the people want Trump. Well, certain people who should scare liberals.

Ann Coulter is Smarter Than You

A master of the modern phenomenon of trolling, Ann Coulter knew what she wrote would get her name tweeted thousands of times and posted on Facebook hundreds of thousands more.

“Name-calling is lazy & the refuge of the uninformed and prejudiced”

Stop Calling Ann Coulter Names. Seriously.

Why Nancy Grace is Terrible

N.C. Harrison examines Nancy Grace’s sensationalistic coverage of a recent tragedy.

Holocaust: Historical Revisionism & Trivialization

Professor Warren Blumenfeld offers a call to end the constant comparisons between those wanting to address wealth inequality with those who perpetrated the Holocaust.

Making a Kramer Out of Melissa Harris-Perry

Why the media’s coverage of the Melissa Harris-Perry controversy wrongfully made her into a villain.

Waging Peace in the Battle of the Campus

Two men from opposing sides in the debate about a men’s issues group at the University of Toronto come together to wage peace. Find out how they got on…

It’s Time for the GOP to Vote Some People Off Their Island

Why the Grand Old Party should take a cue from “Survivor.”

17 Excuses the GOP Might be Making for Their Loss

Elissa Schappell offers a humorous list of post-election excuses the GOP might be making to explain their losses.

How Far Is Too Far in Politics? Ann Coulter’s R-Word Tweet

Did Ann Coulter go too far in calling the president the R-word?

Why My Grandma Would be Disappointed in Today’s Republicans

My Grandma was a self-made, hard-working, red-blooded American Republican. She even owned a handgun. Her proudest moment was serving Ronald Regan coffee.

Fox Central – The Most Powerful Dames in News

Are you a conservative guy looking for the best and brightest women in TV news? Mark Ellis has a quick-referenc guide to the most powerful dames in conservative news.

The Dick-tionary

Think you know the difference between an asshole and a douchebag? Your guide to understanding insults leveled at guys.

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The 10 at 10: November 12

Wondering what’s happening to all of those phone books that we’ll never use?