Take a Peek at This ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ Trailer

See how Wonderland has changed and the new villain that wants to wreak all kinds of havoc In 2o10 a new version of Alice in Wonderland was released in theaters. It gave younger fans a taste of this magical place and older fans saw these characters in a whole new way. The film ended up […]

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Dad Matt Sweetwood reviews the new move “The Intern”. He found it amazingly refreshing depicting men outside of cliches. He explains.

‘The Intern’ Shows How Important it is To Have a Purpose in Life

Just because life may seem over this film shows it can just as easily begin again There are a number of good comedies that came out this year like Spy, Ricki and the Flash and Ted 2. But none of those films were like The Intern. It has Robert De Niro in a comedic role […]

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Christopher Nolan is back with an absolutely beautiful trailer for his upcoming film; Interstellar.

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Celebrities dish on what it’s like getting down and dirty with each other for sex scenes.

Movies: The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Hits The Web … For Real This Time

… so it all comes down to this for the caped crusader? Tick. Tick. Tick. Boom.