3 Alternatives to Giving Gifts

If you continually give gifts that fall flat, maybe it’s time for some alternatives.

Happy Anniversary, I Need to Say This…

Thank you for choosing me, for exceeding my expectations on marriage in ways I never knew was possible.

18 Ways My Husband Has Proved to Me that Marriage Makes Life Better

Marriage is the best partnership.

10 Thoughtless Things To Avoid In Your Marriage

Lack of awareness plus lack of thought equals lack of relationship. Steven Lake identifies ten behaviors that put your marriage at risk.

14 Lessons From 14 Years Of Marriage

After 14 years of marriage, Chris Farley Ratcliffe reflects on the 14 most important lessons he has learned.

Love. Abs. Habits. Fitness. The Top 5 Posts From Better Man Blueprint

A thank you for reading from Better Man Blueprint founder Erik Kruger.

5 Sweet Romantic Gestures For Every Day Life

Jordan Gray says it’s easier than you think to inject a bit of romance into your daily life. If you don’t know where to start, start with tip #2. —– I recently wrote about grand, sweeping, powerful romantic gestures… and those are fine and dandy… but what about the every day, run-of-the-mill, soft and loving […]

5 Powerful Romantic Gestures They Will Remember Forever

Jordan Gray says that these five romantic gestures will give you bragging rights for decades to come. —— Ever wanted to do something truly special for your partner? Maybe you’ve been around the block and you feel like you’ve done all there is to do. Maybe you’re an all-around superb intimate partner in a lot […]

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A Wife Surprises Her Husband on Their 7th Anniversary

There are many ways to keep romance alive … but this one takes the (wedding) cake.

6 Reasons Why You (and Every Other Guy) Should Consider Getting Married

After 20 years of marriage—Tor Constantino knows that not every marriage works great but a great marriage is worth the work.

My Toddler Is Considered A “Carry-On”: The Dads & Families Podcast Episode 63

Nick and family are taking a trip to Jamaica, and he has more than Sunshine and Steel Drums to look forward to.

Moving From the Honeymoon Stage to Mature Love

Couples therapist Quentin Hafner knows how to transform the passionate flame of those early days into the warming fire of mature love. Here’s how it’s done.

20 Common Sense Tips to Help Your Marriage Last 20 Years

Tor Constantino and his wife will soon celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary—he shares how they’ve made it last.

10 Things You’ll Probably Never Hear Your Wife or Girlfriend Say …

For any guy in a long-term relationship, Tor Constantino shares a list of things you can safely NOT expect to hear.

I Married A Man

Duana Welch is in love with her man, and she wants the world to know about it.

The Top 5 Best ‘Godzilla’ Movies

James Halcomb shares his Top Five Movies on the ‘Godzilla’s’ 60th Anniversary.