Destigmatizing Eating Disorders in Men and Boys

Why men aren’t the focus of our conversation about eating disorders, but should be.

Why It’s So Damn Hard to Recover from an Eating Disorder in Our Society

How we talk and think about weight isn’t just toxic to people who have or have had eating disorders — it’s toxic to everyone.

4 Ways Dads Can Raise Stronger Girls

A chance comment in the toy store got Ty Phillips thinking about how our culture shames women and how he wants his daughters to grow up.

Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones But Names Will Always Hurt You

Jenny Kanevsky explains how body shaming hurts whether you hear it from others or do it to yourself.

5 Tips for Teens to Quiet Negative Self-Talk About Your Body

Teens tear themselves apart over how they look. Wellcast offers five sensible tips to lose the self-criticism and build self-esteem.

My Thinning Years: Starving the Gay Within

On the day of my mother’s funeral, my father had quadruple bypass surgery. It was an odd blessing for my siblings and me.

It Happened To Me: I Was “Manorexic”

Billy Procida comes clean about his battles with an eating disorder, and shares how difficult it was to seek help as a man dealing with disordered eating.

Dealing With My Ex-Boyfriend’s Eating Disorder

An anonymous contributor shares her story of dealing with her ex-boyfriend’s eating disorder, and demonstrates the importance of the need to address such diseases.

Brian Cuban and Men With Eating Disorders on ‘Katie’

November 19 episode focuses on men and body image.

Back in the Spotlight: Men and Eating Disorders

A new article on boys and eating disorders shows that this issue continues to come out of the shadows.

Don’t Be Afraid of My Scary Eating Disorder

Julia Newman’s dad didn’t know how to deal with her eating disorder. Until the day he was able to help.

Men More Likely to Suffer Eating Disorders in Wake of Sexual Harassment

Eating disorders are not just a female problem—and neither is sexual harassment. In a new study, the two are linked and, to the surprise of many, men are more likely to suffer from them than women.

Noah Brand Discusses Body Image On HuffPost Live Tonight

Men’s body image problems are no joke. Noah Brand joins a live discussion on the subject tonight.

Not Quite In Charge, But Working On It

Danny concludes the Body Image series with a summary.

On Eating Disorders and Being a Dude

Eating disorders and negative body image are problems for men, also.

JT Eberhard on Men and Anorexia

I have recently become addicted to watching Skepticon videos. Atheism! Rationality! Science! Vulvaless nematodes! Really, it’s everything a young angry atheist’s heart could desire. However, one video this year went far beyond the usual skeptic fare: JT Eberhard discussing his experience as a man living with anorexia.