7 Reasons to Buy The Original Good Men Project Anthology

Looking for a unique gift for Father’s Day? Or do you just want to read the 31 original stories that inspired The Good Men Project mission? Here are seven great reasons….

Finding the Truly Heroic Among Us Mere Mortals

“The men whom I have met during the Project have each inspired me to grow in a different way. They are my heroes. What we need as men isn’t more silent suffering; it’s the willingness to tell and listen to the truth of our lives.” ~ Tom Matlack

Review: Poems that Make Grown Men Cry

Poetry Editor Charlie Bondhus reviews Poems that Make Grown Men Cry, a new anthology of poetry that will move even the toughest of guys.

Here’s the Bad News, Son

Steve Almond’s reflections on having a baby boy, after a lifetime of trying to deal with aggression.

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“Being a Father Is Being a Question”: What a New Anthology on Fatherhood Has to Say About Being a Dad

Steve Edwards talks to Brian Gresko, the editor behind the upcoming “When I First Held You”, about literary fathers, gender and parenting, and the transformative power of becoming a dad

You Asked for an Ad-Free Good Men Project. We Listened.

An ad-free Good Men Project if you become a Premium Member. But that’s not all….

We Are Pioneering Both the Conversation and The Business Model

Yes, it’s hard. But we don’t care if things are hard, as long as they are not physically impossible.

Iowa Black Dirt

Perry Glasser is raising his daughter alone. And one by one, the mysteries are dispelled.

Too Cruel, Not Unusual Enough

Kenneth E. Hartman’s anthology sheds light on the other death penalty: life without parole.

Break Me Off A Piece Of That Funk! An excerpt from the Steamfunk Anthology

An excerpt from the short story, “The Sharp Knife of A Short Life” by Top Cow Talent Hunt winner Hannibal Tabu.

Structural Failure

Amin Ahmad’s excerpt from The Good Men Project anthology. “We take our usual seats at the coffee shop, by the plate glass window. My hands are shaking so badly that I scald myself. ‘What’s going on, man?’ Peter looks at me over the rim of his coffee cup.”

Conventions: @Onyxcon Hits Atlanta August 19-20!

San Diego, New York, even Emerald City and the numerous Wizard World shows … sure, Black people show up (and sometimes in a major way), but why aren't there any conventions aimed at us? Oh … right, there's Onyxcon! On August 19-20, Atlanta will host Onyxcon, a two- day convention that celebrates the contributions and […]

A Book by Men, for Men—Awkward Chest-Bumps Not Included

The eclectic mix of contributors—from Pulitzer winners, Vanity Fair writers, Emmy winners, Poet Laureates, Gulf War pilots, ex-cons, pro football Hall of Famers—draw upon the defining moments in men’s lives and explore the perspectives men have gained.