How To Talk To Your Son About Hazing

Hazing has been one of the few constants in an ever-changing social atmosphere for young people. It’s an equally important conversation topic with your son as the birds and the bees.

I Hate Bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and Doyin Richards shares how he believes bullying can be stopped once and for all.

How Would You Confront Your Childhood Bully?

If you were bullied as a young person, would you, as an adult, try to talk to your bully? This YouTuber did, and the response wasn’t what you might expect.

Inspiration Unpacked: What Can 2 Teenage Boys Do About Bullying?

Bullying makes losers of us all, unless we invest in solidarity. #PinkShirtDay honors how two teenage boys did just that.

Parents: 6 Common Phrases (You Might Be Saying!) That Should Be Banned in Your House

It doesn’t matter how you mean them, or if you’re joking, these common phrases may be hurting our kids. By Noah Brand and Joanna Schroeder

5 Things I Learned From Being Bullied at Work

Being targeted by bullies at work makes you feel threatened and alone. Don’t let that stop you from standing up for your rights.

How to Avoid Raising a Bully: 3 Action Items You Can Try Today #parenting

Our boys are banished to a desert of emotional and physical isolation in the name of toughening them up. THIS is how we create bullies.

Let’s Review: When Is It Ok to Say Use the Word Gay?

This is a plea to stop using “gay” as exchangeable for “bad”.

These Marvel Anti-Bullying Variant Covers Will Hit You Right In The Feels

Ian Carlos Crawford of Buzzfeed shares Marvel’s comic book covers about fighting bullying.

Abercrombie Making a Switch? I’m Not Buying It

A&F supporting anti-bullying efforts and championing allies all sounds good until you review its track record … and the cognitive dissonance begins.

#NYCC Please Give Us More Pop Culture Anti-Bullying Coalition Panel!

Alex Yarde makes the case for why every Geek should attend Pop Culture Anti-Bullying Coalition’s panel

The Church of England Plans to Battle Homophobia in Schools

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t accept homophobia as a “traditional faith perspective” but it’s always important to remember that real, lasting change happens step by step.

Shaping the New Face of Fear

We live in a world where crimes of injustice occur every day, whether we’re aware of them or not. However, I think we need to make an honest effort to educate ourselves about certain things, such as bullying and the hidden depth of violence that it brings, in order to truly be moved by them enough to take action.

5 Reasons Why the Boys and I Supported the International Day of Pink

Deanna Shoyer supported International Pink Day to as a way to teach her sons about he value of diversity and a show of solidarity against discrimination.

When a Concert Becomes an Experience: Hunter Hayes

JJ Vincent went expecting some good music and a biggish crowd of teenage girls. What he got was something completely different.

The Worst Anti-Bullying Advice Ever

A Nebraska elementary school found itself getting the wrong kind of attention after sending out the wrong kind of advice.