What Will You Do to End the Silence?

Day of Silence

The Day of Silence is an event to address the problem of the bullying, harrasment, and silencing of LGBT students. The twist? This event is student led.

Is Bullying Preventable?


Some may insist that bullying is just a part of childhood, but Eric Thompson insists that we can change that.

The Empathy Gap: Is The Golden Rule Failing Bullied Kids?

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Teaching empathy is not enough, insists Eric Thompson of CivilSchools. We need to teach our kids to resist the Bystander Effect.

Anatomy of a Bully


Ross Grainger with a powerful story about the time he was bullied, and what he has since come to learn from it.

Video: Compassionate Boys Support Bullied Boy


Love combats bullying. This band of brothers proved it.

The Myth of the Bully and the Baby


Why Mike Ditka’s response to the Miami Dolphins’ bullying situation perpetuates a harmful myth.

Bullying in Sports: Dolphins Discover How Tough Jonathan Martin Really Is

NFL Bullying

Eric Thompson believes that Jonathan Martin’s response to NFL shows what kind of man he is. After all, reaching out to others is a formula for success, not an admission of weakness.

Because No One Should Be Bullied. Ever.

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JJ Vincent hopes that one day, we won’t need to share anti-bullying messages.

Students Victimized for Perceived Sexual Orientation

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A new study finds that students bullied because they are believed to be gay are much more likely than others to be suicidal and depressed.

Big Man on Campus

college life, BMOC, growing up, manhood, being a man, adulthood, protective masculinity, nurturing men, fag bashing, homophobia, fighting back, active bystanders, anti bullying, homophobic violence on campus, college students with learning disabilities, medically fragile boys

A fragile boy with learning disabilities transitions from home school to college.

Litterbox Guarding


Questioning someone’s right to be in a public restroom is a form of bullying.

Dan Savage Calls Bullsh** On The Bible

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Dan Savage stands by his statement that anti-gay passages in The Bible are bullish**.

5 Reasons Why Bullying is Getting Worse

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Cameron Conaway lists five reasons bullying is on the rise, as well as concrete methods of combatting this increase.

The Bystander Stops The Bully: Amazing Music Video By Teens

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High school students Triple Oswald and Kaitlyn K create a moving lip-dub video in a campaign to end bullying.

Who Do U Think U R?


How two musically talented teenagers brought their Texas high school together to combat bullying.