What Do I Tell My LGBT Teens After the Orlando Shootings?

Yes, there are people who hate others that have opposing lifestyles. But there are plenty of people in the world who care and support differences.

Facing Discrimination in a Hospital For Being Gay? Still Happens.

In the late 1980’s, Doug took his boyfriend, suffering from AIDS-related dementia, to the hospital. He was escorted out by security.

A Gay Dad’s Open Letter to Michelle Duggar

In our second letter of the day to the Duggar family, gay dad Rob Watson addresses mother Michelle about her activism against the LGBT community and how her rhetoric stands up in light of the situation her family faces.

Why Our Kids Need to Get Back to Love Instead of the New “A-B-Cs” of Sunday School

Caleb Woods looks back to a day when the values in Christian Churches were a lot simpler. He wants our kids to return to the same message about Love that he learned.

Let’s Review: When Is It Ok to Say Use the Word Gay?

This is a plea to stop using “gay” as exchangeable for “bad”.

A Kinder, Gentler Homophobia

Homophobia hidden behind “helpful words” and guidance “to be kind” is still hurtful and dangerous, no matter who’s saying it.

A Straight Man Asks His Friends, If You Could Choose, Would You Be Straight or Gay?

Chris Thompson was moved to outrage by the hate parents showed when their son came out. And he was moved to tears when he asked his friends, “If you could choose … “

United Nations Under Pressure to Protect ‘Traditional Families’ Over Individual Rights

Anti-gay countries are trying to use the UN’s Human Rights Council to exempt themselves from LGBT rights obligations.

Their First Gay Hug [video]

One gay person. One anti-gay person. One hug.

Picture Perfect: Gay Dads Still Fighting Racism and Homophobia

Months ago, when Kaleb and Kordale posted a selfie of themselves doing their daughters’ hair, they had no idea what was coming.

The Real True Story About How Parents Adopted Out Their Child When He Told Them He Was Gay

Rob Watson tells about a teen whose family rejected him, and the family who found a new son.

A Gay Dad Takes on the Frozen-Hating Mormon Grandmother

Love, hope, inspiration, acceptance, fulfillment. If these are the “gay” messages in Frozen, dad Rob Watson has no problem with that.

Working It Out: Telling the Story of Sochi in Canada

Even though I still feel troubled by our engagement with Sochi, I’m glad we didn’t boycott the Games. If we stand even the faintest chance of Working It Out, we need the whole story.

Putin’s Homophobia: True Hate or Pure Politics?

In this piece of investigative journalism, Austin Harrington discusses what may be the true reasons behind Putin’s anti-gay rhetoric.

What If They Agree With Papa Duck?

Dustin Timbrook looks at what happens when people you care for are on opposite sides of a controversy.

Exodus International’s Alan Chambers: Bending History’s Arc

This shift is both seismic and historic in the ongoing effort to bring all voices of faith into a more unified chorus, all calling for the affirmation, acceptance and unconditional love of all of God’s created.