3 Reasons To Exercise That Don’t Involve Losing Weight, Getting in Shape, or Fitting Into Your Skinny Jeans

3 Reasons by Izzard

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Your antidepressant might be affecting your sex drive and the state of your marriage.

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How To Cut Gun Deaths By Two-Thirds


And it’s got nothing to do with regulating guns.

7 Types of Self-Care to Help Prevent and Heal Depression

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Depression shouldn’t be a terminal illness. How to tell if your depression is serious, and when to seek care.

Confidence Is Chemical


Men are told every day how important it is to be confident. So what does it mean when confidence evaporates with a mild serotonin fluctuation?

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Is it ethically defensible to “treat” a healthy individual so that he can excel in a given career? Is it ethically defensible to deny him that treatment?

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The first step is seeing it for what it is.

Music for Boys


Why Fiona Apple’s music mattered to Vincent Scarpa, even when he thought it wasn’t supposed to.

The Good Cat Project: A Portrait of Dude


In this slice-of-life vignette, stand-up comic Bo Guthrie describes how he and his cat Dude reached manhood and cathood, respectively.