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To reach your full potential, you have to say yes to the moment—right this moment.

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Mindfulness and Disability: How Meditation can Improve Quality of Life

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Awesome Guy Advice on Women’s Crazy Dating Freakouts

Theresa Byrne explains what happens when a woman has a “love panic attack.”  ___ I’m about to let you in on a little secret women have been burdened with for eons.  We freak out. There, I said it. What men don’t know (or maybe you do?): Many* women have epic moments of dating freakout when we realize we really like a guy. […]

The Stages of Grief After A Divorce

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When It’s Not Safe to Feel—Disassociation as a Response to Trauma

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52 Tasks To Becoming A Better Man: Task 52

Faith lies in the heart, not the head. – Joe Doe