Learnings from an Emotional Abuser to the World


Alejandro Flores was an insulting and emotionally abusive partner to the person he most loved. He reflects back on the darkness of those times, and on the light ahead.

What Happens to Masculinity and Marriage When Unemployment Strikes?

Unemployment Affects Masculinity

Steven Lake Explores the Effects of Unemployment on Masculinity and Marriage. A Survival Story.

Teddy Bear Meets Best Friend

teddy meets best friend

This teddy bear just won the internet’s heart.

Dear 15 Year-Old Me: A Monster Is Coming, And With It, Darkness

anxiety, depression, panic attacks

Build your arsenal now. Gather your good friends, and hold them close. Strengthen your mind to block out the roars.

How Having a Baby Helped Me Overcome My Anxiety Disorder

How Having a Baby Helped Me Overcome My Anxiety Disorder

Clint Edwards recounts his descent into depression and anxiety and how becoming a father helped him regain control of his life

Stop Seeking Safety in Your Behaviors

man hides

Licensed Therapist Nathanial D. Smith encourages people to look at where their anxiety comes from and understand why they may seek safety in their behaviors.

Five Simple Don’ts That Free You to Do What You Love

Five Don'ts That Will by Thomas Fiffer

Avoid these five pitfalls, and you’re well on your way to the life of your dreams.

Fellow Male Survivors, Please Remember We Are One


One of the significant issues with male survivors is that we generally believe we are alone, the only one. In fact, most of us are alone because of the walls of protection we build around ourselves.

4 Ways to Combat Depression Without Talk Therapy or Drugs


Dr. Jed Diamond has experienced and studied depression for years. Here he offers some additional strategies to help fight it.

How PhysEd Destroyed My Confidence—And How I Got It Back Again


The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand promotes physical fitness through its BE ACTIVE campaign: Do what you can, enjoy what you do, be active and move your mood.

How Not to Cheat

bride and groom, wedding, wedding ceremony, marriage, married, relationships, infidelity, cheating spouse, divorce, love, communication relationships, relationship therapist, marriage counselor, marriage advice infidelity

Marriage is simply hard work. But the good news is that attitude is everything.

Fall Distractions


For John Brier, walking his dog turns into an exercise in mindfulness.

“Performance Anxiety” is More Common Than You Think

silhouette man window

Dr. Aqualus Gordon explains the science and psychology behind Erectile Dysfunction… and what you can do about it.

Introduction to Alone: Fever Dreams From the Psych Ward


“”Inside the pit of my stomach, a feeling, like being trapped in one of those dreams where your teeth are falling out of your mouth. Or you are losing your hair. And you can’t make it stop.””

My Son Loved His First Year of Preschool. The Second? Not So Much.

MY Son Loved Preschool by author

Aly Windsor wonders when to be the ‘fixer’ and when to leave that to her son.

Healthy Man, Healthy Mind

men talking photo by sco

Conrad Liveris wants to make sure he is there for other men who are suffering from mental health issues.