How to Make Your Living Space Ready for a New Relationship

Matt Shumate shows you how to make your space suitable for your next partner—and more comfortable for yourself.

Two Guys Turn a One-Bedroom Apartment into a Two-Bedroom Apartment (And Make it Look Easy).

Our DIY of the Day. Complete with the joys of time-lapse videography.

Young Man In a Post-Graduate Maelstrom

Some resist. Twenty-two year old Jefferson Morris IV lets the swirling waters carry him where they may.

Dear John: Should She Leave Her Son With Her Boyfriend?

Questions about her babysitting choices, a boyfriend with an atrocious apartment, and a step-father selling off the mother’s prized possessions after her death.

How to Move Without Being an A-Hole

Josh Bowman just moved into a new apartment, and wants to share the many bits of wisdom he has learned from moving way too many times in his life.

What Women Look for in a Bachelor Pad

What does your home say about you as a potential mate?

Stop Leaving Garbage in the Hallway!

Who do you think takes that mattress downstairs? Magical fairies? No!! Some poor cleaning lady who already has enough to do without having to haul your garbage down an elevator and into a dumpster.

The Flood Apartment

Bobby Calise remembers the time his old apartment transformed into a dirty jacuzzi of filth.

#38: Nightmares

“What 33 year old is too afraid to sleep alone?”

Webcast: It’s Komplicated TONIGHT at 9PM PST (Comics, Science, Madness)

What’s going on this evening’s webcast? A sneak preview of the tech tidbits and culture commentary from the show.

Guestpost #69: Martha Keagan – Ten things I've learned from renting

Note: Martha came to me out of the blue, and has a helpful post here about renting. Thanks Martha! About the author: Martha Keagan is a freelance writer, full time mother and local part-time real estate and apartment rentals broker. If you are looking for a new apartment, remember the guidelines listed below. This will […]

Ten things I’ve learned from cleaning an apartment

To remove smells from the walls, or in general, pour white vinegar into small tubs and leave them around the apartment for a few hours. Soda water and salt can remove almost any stains, as long as you catch the stains right away. Pour liberally, and leave on stain for an hour. I learned this […]