The 3 Steps to a Powerful Apology

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A genuine apology is a wonderful karma-fixer: it can make partners of adversaries and avert years of pain and disconnection.

The Friday Sports Dump – All Apologies


An apology can sometimes be the best of times and the worst of times. This week, Wai Sallas ventures on to both sides of the spectrum to bring you The Friday Sports Dump. — Sports Dump 1: No one is absolved from saying “I’m sorry.” At some point in your life, you will have to […]

Who Do You Think Of When Your Flight Hits Heavy Turbulence?


Last week, Jordan Gray thought he was going to die in a plane crash. This is what went through his mind.

A Gay Dad’s Open Letter to Rose McGowan on the War for Equality


Rose McGowan caused a stir by accusing the “gay community” of misogyny instead of leadership on feminist issues. This gay dad answers her request for guidance.

Atonement Prayer from Women to Men


Blair Glaser reaches out with an apology on behalf of the women who do these 10 things.

No, Ray Rice, You’re Not Holding Strong

Ray Rice Holding Strong

Here’s what holding strong really is.

The Word She Heard Before Her Husband Hit Her

b word

Erin Andrews was called a “b” and Tony Posnanski was reminded of the day a reader schooled him for using the word, even in jest.

I’m Never Wrong. Nope. Never.


The Rev. Neil O’Farrell wonders why public officials find it impossible to say “I’m sorry” or “I was wrong.”

EachEveryWomen – I’m Sorry for Not Listening

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As an author Luke Davis has had his eyes opened and realizes he now owes an apology.

How These Men Apologize Will Amaze You

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This could just be the best way to resolve all conflicts…

“Rage should always be reconsidered and de-escalated as quickly as possible, and forgiveness should never be taken for granted.”

good intentions

This comment by EnterNight on the post Intent vs Impact: Why Your Intentions Don’t Really Matter

The Question Is…. Is a Bad Apology Better Than No Apology At All?


We often find ourselves in the position of having to either accept a dreaded non-apology apology or no apology at all. Both are terrible options–likely to only make things worse–but they’re usually all we’ve got.

Dear Men, I’m Sorry.

photo by maroonsurreal

Leah Medina had grown up being told harmful stereotypes about men. She’s sorry she believed them.

Words: More Powerful Than I Ever Knew


As Christian Clifton searches for the right words in his marriage, he learns the way they can destroy and heal.

My Wife Struggles Better


Cully Perlman explains that, in his marriage, mending requires paying mindful and constant attention to improving himself.

10 Tips: Divorce For Grownups


A straightforward plan to heal from a divorce.