Steve Jobs: His Top 10 Rules For Success

He’s considered the “Father of the Digital Revolution,” and here are his principles for living an incredible life.

Apple vs. the FBI: Is Your Privacy Really Worth It?

Should we really be concerned about the privacy of your selfies when national security is at risk?

The Courage To Learn

Most of people don’t do this. Most people don’t view struggle—and even failure—as instructive. Most people don’t demonstrate the resilience to hang in through tough times this way or the openness to say, “That didn’t work—what can I learn about myself?”

Get a Job or Follow Your Passion?

Will you miss opportunity’s knock by chasing your passion?

Tree of the Apple

Kelly DuMar masterfully captures “the holy moment that saves your life” in this deceptively simple prose poem.

Renewables Powering the Internet

Companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook are leaders in the movement toward renewable energy.

How Ready Are We for Gay CEOs?

We’ve now gotten comfortable throwing homophobes out of the corner office, but are we ready to accept openly gay corporate chieftains?

Apple Promises to Make Emojis More Ethnically Diverse

This isn’t the first time people have called for additional emoji.

Watch this: Apple CEO Tim Cook delivers powerful speech about witnessing, facing and fighting against discrimination

“Human rights and dignity are great philosophical principles but the hard work of executing on these principles depends on our individual acts every day.”

How Fragile Is a Brand?

Ken Goldstein looks at trust, brand loyalty and Apple.

Give Me My Smartphone or Give Me Death

In the latest installment of “Love, Recorded,” phones stop working. Does life go on?

The Short Happy Virtual Life of My ‘Friend’ Bob

What would a biography look like if it was comprised solely of social network updates? Doug Bond asked himself this very question and the results are hilarious.

Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Jobs’ Trailer

It may not be the first Steve Jobs movie, but it is surely the biggest so far.

The Parable of the Cold Burrito

Ken Goldstein explains how doing the job no one else wants to touch can be turned into your golden opportunity.

Ten Phone Ideas…From the Future!

Cell phones are boring. They are all rectangles, with touch screens. Every phone is the same. Think outside the box, phone companies.