How To Stop Any Argument In Its Tracks (Yes, Really)

Happy Asian Couple

Jordan Gray says that all arguments can be diffused… you just have to know what to do.

10 Tips For Fighting Fair(ly)

Fighting with Love

Steven Lake examines practical ways of being that help in managing conflict with your partner. Not always easy, but well worth it.

Misogynistic Commenters Attacked A Female Video Game Critic. Here’s Why Some of Them Should Have Been Silenced


“If there was a push to block trolls and their commentary, you would deny them their voice and reduce their opinions to irrelevance,” writes Angelus Morningstar.

When is Enough, Enough?

Enough is Enough

How do you face the reality in what was to be forever, ending?

Portrait of Jealousy: A Man Accused

Portrait of Jealousy by Terry Moore

Did this man’s roving eyes really ruin the picnic outing, or was it his wife’s jealous nature?

Why Couples Fight: The Real Cause of Conflict

Why Couples Fight by Tambako

All couples disagree, most argue, and some slug it out with words day after day. Thomas Fiffer reveals the real source of discord, how it escalates to conflict, and how to stop it from derailing your relationship.

Boredom Is A Choice


A young man suggests that a table’s boring and there’s nothing he can do about it.

Red Herrings: They’re Just Like Hitler

red herring

A red herring isn’t a fish, but rather the stinkiest method to blow a discussion off course.

A Letter to My Wife: Please See Your Behavior As I Do and Our Children Do

come back to me hand photo by Pink Sherbert Photography

“If our children had only the words we speak to each other, to describe our relationship, what would they say about us?”  —   My love, I know you love me and today especially I appreciate that we usually connect in lots of little ways that remind us of our love and our care for […]

Conversation Hack: Speaking of I

conversation couple photo by en321

Gregory Jaquet shares useful tricks that can help improve relationships through more peaceful conversations.

No Sex Please – We’re Newlyweds.

warning no intercourse

Can you guess how many couples fail to consummate their marriage on their wedding night?

Thoughts on Happiness and Fear


Atalwin Pilon knows he isn’t happy 100% of the time. But is that even the point? If not, what is?

Words: More Powerful Than I Ever Knew


As Christian Clifton searches for the right words in his marriage, he learns the way they can destroy and heal.

Twelve Words I Never Want To See Again


These words completely poison online discourse, and destroy the credibility of the person using them. Cut it out.

Online Anger: Where It Comes From and How to Control It


You don’t want to be one of those screaming jerks online, but anger lives in all of us. Andrea Weckerle provides some practical advice on not being that jerk.

“Conversation is always a good thing. Ignoring a problem has never resulted in a solution.”

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This comment was by John Weeast, on Tom Matlack’s post This Much I Know To Be True