Love Bites: 6 Steps To Avoid Hurting Our Partners When Fighting

The reptilian brain makes communication challenging when emotionally stressed. Kyle Benson shows us how to work with this beast.

How to Stop Any Argument In Its Tracks

How to find the middle ground between sweating the small stuff and ignoring real issues.

5 Things I Wish My Father Told Me About Marriage

Trying to avoid his father’s mistakes, Steven Lake shares what would have made a difference in his understanding of relationships if . . .

3 Words Every Man Hates to Hear

Chuck Chapman helps couples shift from problem starting to problem solving.

Contemplating The Death Of My Relationship

To appreciate what you have, sometimes you have to imagine life without it.

3 Ways to Teach My Kids the Art of Civil Discourse

DiaryDad is disappointed in the lack of civil discourse in politics, so he is going to try to teach his kids to do better. — We are less than a year away from our next presidential election here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. and I am already fed up of the childish behavior of […]

Sure, You Have Money, But Do You Have A Life?

Sometimes, getting ahead means falling behind in your relationship. Steven Lake examines the choice between Lifestyle and Money. Or is it a choice?

These 8 Argument Mistakes Are the Reason Your Relationship Is Toxic

The key to resolving conflict is to play by the rules.

5 Wicked Reasons To Vacation With Your Partner

Chill out by tuning in. Dr. Steve explores how to strengthen your relationship on holidays.

What We Really Fight Over in Marriage

Marriage guru John Gottman reveals what underlies most marital conflict and explains why partners can’t yield.

15 Secrets of Really Persuasive People

You know those people who can convince anyone of almost anything? Dr. Travis Bradberry shows you how you can be one, too.

10 Intimacy Breaking Behaviors That Will Make Your Life Hell

Why do men and women dive into relationship, then do everything to avoid intimacy?

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How Science Has Failed Us in Relationships

When it comes to relationships, the scientific method is a bust. Quentin Hafner has an alternative.

Men Aren’t Stupid and Women Aren’t Crazy

If we want men to stop playing the “crazy” card and expect women to stop implying that men are stupid, we have to relinquish the power we’ve held in our respective gender roles.

7 Secrets Of A Successful Relationship

Looking over his relationships, Steven Lake distills the elements that encourage lasting success. And it isn’t alcohol.

How You Know It’s Toxic Love

The difference between healthy and toxic love isn’t always obvious, but Thomas Fiffer makes it clear.