GMP Sports’ Sweet Sixteen Preview for The Midwest and West Regions: Is Perfection At Hand?

Aaron Harrison

After a wild first weekend in the NCAA tournament, only 16 schools remain. Who to root for? Who to root against? In Part 1 of Good Men Project’s Sweet 16 Preview, Wai Sallas breaks down the Midwest and West regions. (Now with 100% More Hollywood movie references)

The GMP Sports NCAA Tournament Top Sixteen


We are less than a week away from the NCAA tournament getting started. GMP Sports jumps on the March Madness bandwagon, and provides you with our top 4 teams from each region and the players to watch.

Sneaky Homophobes Are Undermining Gay Rights Progress


Matthew Rozsa explains how bigotry and lack of honor go hand-in-hand.

It’s Too, Darn Hot

Too Darn Hot by Daniel Jones

Who says guys can’t think on their feet? Watch the Fox 10 weatherman’s improvisational feat.

Dismantling the ‘Religious Liberty’ Talking Points Used to Justify Anti-LGBT Discrimination

Arizona-SB-1062-Veto-Celebration-ap-ross d franklin

Conservatives have spent the last two weeks arguing that religious liberty must allow for discrimination against LGBT people. Here’s how they spun it.

Challenged By Anderson Cooper to Provide One Example to Justify Anti-Gay Bill, Arizona Senator Comes Up Empty


Though he insists it has nothing to do with discrimination, Arizona State Sen. Al Melvin (R) can’t explain why SB 1062 is needed to defend “religious freedom.”

Conservative Lawmakers And Arizona Businesses Urge Governor To Veto Anti-Gay Bill

turn arizona blue

Business pushes back as support starts to grow for a national boycott of Arizona. — This post orginally appeared on ThinkProgress. By Zach Ford The national spotlight is now shining on Arizona as Gov. Jan Brewer (R) weighs whether to sign the controversial “license to discriminate” bill (SB 1062) passed by the legislature last week. Though the […]

Does Arizona Hate Everyone?

Arizona Flag

Arizona’s proposed “religious freedom” bill, S.B. 1062, could soon be passed into law and it might have some negative effects that neither side has considered.

To the Ghosts of Christmas Past

ray, clifford, atticus, whit, honea, marana, arizona, az, ed, wynema, grandpa, grandfather, great, grandson

The holiday season is not only a time for celebrating what we have, but also what we had. And who.

Arizona AG Says State Can Require Proof Of Citizenship For State Elections

tom horne-AP-Ross D. Franklin

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in June that states may not require proof of citizenship for those registering to vote in federal elections, 7 to 2.

Federal Court Blocks Key Provision Of Arizona’s Anti-Immigration Law

jan brewer-ap-matt york

A federal court upheld a district court’s preliminary injunction on a key provision of Arizona’s controversial, anti-immigration SB 1070 law, calling the statute “vague” and “incomprehensible to a person of ordinary intelligence.”

3-Year-Old Calls 911, Saves Mom’s Life

3 year old saves mom by calling 911_2

3-year-old Guy Fritzsche, of Mesa, Arizona,was honored with the Good Samaritan award on Thursday by the city of Mesa, for saving his mother’s life earlier this month.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio Instructs Deputies to Carry Assault Rifles 24/7

The announcement came Friday, a day after a local detention officer was shot and killed in his driveway.

Federal Judges Block Anti-Immigrant South Carolina Law


This latest ruling means the three South Carolina provisions will remain temporarily blocked until the court holds a full trial on the statute

Just Days After Government Drops Deportation Cases, Sheriff Joe Arpaio Retaliates With Raids

sheriff joe2

Sherifff Arpaio insists the raids were not immigration related, but there is good reason to doubt his assertions.

Federal Government Cancels Scores Of Deportations In Arizona

sheriff joe

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s decision to close deportation cases in Arizona highlights its shift away from Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s racial profiling tactics which arrests people based on suspicion instead of solid proof.