Mike Huckabee, From Bad Historian To Racist

Christopher MacNeil challenges Mike Huckabee’s recent political statements and asks the former governor to be held accountable.

Sneaky Homophobes Are Undermining Gay Rights Progress

Matthew Rozsa explains how bigotry and lack of honor go hand-in-hand.

Racial Segregation Returns to US Schools, 60 Years After the Supreme Court Banned it

As the US marks the 60th anniversary of the landmark Brown vs Board of Education ruling, some of the country’s schools remain racially divided.

Arkansas Supreme Court Rules Cohabitation Cannot be Used to Deny Child Custody

The Arkansas Supreme Court’s latest ruling will ensure that same-sex couples will not be automatically discriminated against in child custody cases.

Arkansas Public School Bans Three Students for Possibly Being HIV-Positive

Despite significant medical advances that help HIV-positive Americans live increasingly longer and healthier lives, many people still have widespread misconceptions about how the virus is actually spread.

Some Thrive, Some Die

Lawrence Benner’s cat just died, and it’s got him thinking about all the ways we’re obsessed with death, when it’s really quite simple.

Michigan Will Not Return Fugitive to Arkansas

A Michigan Governor has once again refused to send an elderly fugitive back to prison in Arkansas.

New Sentence Ordered for Arkansas Inmate Given Life Without Parole as Teen

Arkansas’ highest court will follow a decision by the US Supreme Court concerning mandatory life sentences for juvenile offenders.

Parents Mark Anniversary of Son’s Death by Meeting His Organ Recipients

Organ recipient Paul Morse said, “I don’t feel worthy. He was such a good kid with his whole life ahead of him”

It’s Time For Gay Pro-Athletes to Come Out of the Closet

In other historical struggles for equal rights, sports have not only played a role, but led the charge.

The Corn Curl Experiment

How long can a friendship last?


Andy Hinds and his father share memories of Andy’s bootlegging, fist-fighting, cowboy grandfather, “Tex.”

To Those Who Didn’t Turn Away: The Academy Awards and Paradise Lost

Todd Moore, father of a murdered boy depicted in an Oscar-nominated documentary asks for the film to be removed from the awards. Mark Greene responds.

Rockin the Falls

If they can somehow find a way to get to 23, they could have their own NHL team.         DATELINE: WEDNESDAY 3:12 P.M. I left the house to pick up Drama Queen from school and take her to tae kwon do at 4 P.M.  I turned the radio on in my car […]

Good Men Picks: Alabama or Arkansas?

The NFL hasn’t been too kind to Good Men Picks. So, like the coaches of the teams in this week’s edition, we’re giving up and  moving to college football. Good Men Picks Record: 0-2, (damn New York football teams). This week we’re looking at the big match-up down south, between #1 Alabama and #10 Arkansas. […]