The Price of a Salute Among Leaders of Men

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What have you done, today, to earn the loyalty of those who follow you?

Four Ways to Support and Appreciate Military Children

Month of the Military Child, April, Armed Forces

GMP joins the nation in celebrating April as The Month of the Military Child

The Power of Music In War


In a remarkable story, WWII Veteran Jack Leroy Tueller shares an account that shows the power of music in war.

April Call for Submissions: The Month of the Military Child

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Are you a military child with a story to tell? We want YOU!

Soldiers Surprisingly Resilient to PTSD after Iraq and Afghanistan


Studies show that troops in the UK have become more resilient to PTSD

Senate Blocks Veteran’s Bill: Jon Stewart’s Response

Cleared for release by Joint Staff Public Affairs

Senate kills bill that would help veterans–tries to add Iran sanction to make it pass.

What’s Going on With U.S. Veterans 2014? (Infographic)


Discover some of the issues facing today’s veterans in this easily shareable infographic.

Man On Fire: The Destructive Power Of Self-Mutilation

heat on black

After he lost his brother, Jarad Dewing tried everything to release the pain locked inside of him.

Judge to Vet: “Your Service in Iraq Makes You a Threat to Society.”


How war led to a ten year prison sentence for Andrew Chambers.

Call for Submissions: War & Veterans

Veterans Memorial

We are proud to announce the beginning of a new War & Veterans section.

Remembering the 442nd: Japanese Soldiers in WWII

People of Japanese ancestry being moved to internment camps.

JJ Vincent would like to tell you about an oft-forgotten part of WWII history: the service – and internment – of Japanese Americans.

BREAKING NEWS: Bradley Manning Verdict Announced


Bradley Manning found not guilty on charge of aiding the enemy.

Why Might Today’s Man Want to Practice Today’s Yoga?

Army Yoga

If it’s good enough for the Army and the Marines, what’s stopping today’s man from getting into yoga?

Uniformed Code of Military Injustice

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UCMJ – Unjustly Coddling Military Jerks

Men are Being Sexually Assaulted in the Military, But Nobody is Talking About it

military sexual assault, military, sexual assault, rape

Our Soldiers are being raped…by our Soldiers.

“I’m a liberal in many ways…I am a six year Army vet and have guns.”


This comment was by Hank Vandenburgh on the post “A Liberal and a Gun Nut Walk Into a Blog.”