Are There Really Masculine and Feminine Foods?

Is our perception of food based on “you eat what you are?”

From Lifting to Build Outer Strength to Lifting to Build Strength of Character

The fountain of youth is not CrossFit, running, or yoga; it is the thoughtful application of weighted resistance to the body.

‘Terminator: Genisys’ Changes The Rules of the Series

A film that breathes new life into this flat lining series The Terminator film series has had many highs and lows. There was The Terminator that came out in 1984 and was a simple movie that brought a new future to audiences all over the world and helped make Arnold Schwarzenegger a movie star. The sequel […]

10 Reasons Men Should Watch ‘The Expendables’ Movies

Here are Jay Snook’s reasons why men should watch, and enjoy, ‘The Expendables’ movie franchise.

‘Expendables 3’: An Explosive Action Packed Adventure

The Expendables crew are back together for one last ride.

Call for Submissions: Renaissance Athletes

The Good Men Project’s Sports Editors are looking for your stories about athletes who are more than athletes.

Five Reasons Men Love to Leave Christmas Shopping Until the Last Minute

Men over the world men are proving their is truth in the rumour that we shop late for Christmas. So why is that?

The Death of the Lone Wolf: How Masculinity Evolves

Doug Zeigler looks at the “hilariously stereotypical” images of masculinity, compared to what is happening in 2013. And he likes what he sees.

Masculinity Is Dead. Long Live Masculinity.

Andrew Smiler says that reports of manhood’s demise are premature. It’s as healthy, dynamic, and contradictory as ever.

The Perfect Male Body

In the first of a series of posts about the objectification of the “ideal” male body, Oliver Lee Bateman examines the life and times of fitness entrepreneur Joe Weider.

The Four Types of Men: Part I – The Warrior

Josh Bowman talks about The Warrior: a classic archetype of masculinity. This is the tough guy, the stoic soldier, the fierce competitor. But it isn’t all of us.

Time for a Speak-Out

Mark Sherman says it’s time for men to stop feigning shock and outrage when a famous man is accused of adultery—and even take the next bold step.

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger Deserve our Anger?

Is it the public’s job to forgive the former Governor?

Open Thread: What’s the Best Sci-Fi Movie Ever?

Open Discussion: What’s your favorite sci-fi movie of all time?

The Female Political Sex Scandal No One’s Talking About

Slade Sohmer can’t believe the American media is passing on a female political sex scandal. Shouldn’t we be all over this?

The 10 at 10

The New York Observer identified C.I.A. John, the Libyan Revolution’s being filmed by a helmet-cam, and Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to the screen.