What Van Gogh Can Teach Us About Ourselves

How do you paint yourself?

Sensual Men: A Look at the Softer Side

Why is it so rare to see the soft, sensual, vulnerable side of a man? Whatever the reason, photographer Kat Reynolds is trying to change it.

Be Fearless In Your Creation: Art Is Love And Life

“You gain nothing by discouraging an artist. You can gain everything by encouraging one.” Kevin Smith

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The Art of Miscommunication

Miscommunication can be an amazing piece of art to see, as long as you aren’t on the inside.

5 Things Having a Creative Husband Has Taught Me

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The Power of a Father-Son Road Trip

Sometimes all it takes to reconnect is a little bit of travel and time in nature.

Why No One Heard My Cries For Help

He never cried for help until he wrote a poem that no one heard. How can kids like him get the help they need?

A Childhood Dream: Disney Animation at Work

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On Grief & Healing

Rob Gibson and the feeling of perpetual goodbyes.

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Sometimes you don’t want to talk and you just want to do something. Art therapy may be exactly what you need for better mental health.

Sexual Harassment and the Toxic Culture of Comics

Stop accepting sexual assault as just part of the “culture.”

To the Mulberry Tree

Ross Gay reading his poem, “To the Mulberry Tree.” A heartfelt account of what could have been.

My Writing Drought and the Tattoo on My Left Hip

Liz Lazzara recalls a time when she was a blank slate—and all she felt was blank.