Wayne Maguire’s INKED IKONS


Freelance Artist Wayne Maguires selections entitled “INKED IKONS” blew Alex Yarde away!

Dear Artists: We Need You Now More Than Ever

dear artist

The world is getting more confusing. Eric Shapiro reminds us why we need you.

New And Old Rappers Alike Pay Homage To Nas’ ‘Illmatic’ In 20th Anniversary Documentary


Nas’ classic album influenced a ton of rappers over the years. Many of them are in this video.

“Should Writers/Artists Focus on the Process, not the Result?”


This comment by Dan B on the post When Should You Stop Calling Yourself An Aspiring Writer

Korean Orphans and Empathetic Art

Korean Orphans by Kevin McGovern

“I always bring a pad of paper and pen to meetings. I start to doodle in order to stay focused. “ By the end of the meeting, he realized that he had drawn the Korean orphan without consciously making the decision to do so.

Male Beauty In Art


A charming blog explores the diverse expression of how cute men are.

Art, Sex & Erotica: The Art Of Myah Sundvall


Artist Myah Sundvall explores the boundary of Art, Erotic Art, and Pornography and Alex Yarde invites readers along.

Life Lessons For Men From The Classical Composers


Classical music, as much as any other form, is about struggle, pain, and expression. Brian Shea talks about what that means to him.

This Man Looked at Some Birds on a Wire and Saw Musical Notes. Listen to How It Sounds. [Hint: Amazing]

Birds on the Wires

“I was curious to hear what melody the birds were creating,” said Jarbas Agnelli. Is that not what art is—all things curious?

This GIF Tattoo is a Collaborative Work of Art


Artist Evan Hawkins has just given the world another reason to admire Eadweard Muybridge’s “The Horse In Motion.”

Making School Lunches Super: Dad Fills His Son’s Lunchbox with Superheroes

Making School Lunches Super: Designer Dad Fills His Son's Lunchbox with Superheroes

Brent Almond wanted to make his son’s first-ever school lunches special, so he enlisted the help of a few super-friends…

Going Public: Xe Sands Reads Some Musings From Edgar Degas

xe sands

The great painter gets the Xe Sands treatment in this week’s installment of “Going Public.”

‘The Monuments Men’: Is Art Worth Dying For?


Clooney’s film focuses on a different kind of war tragedy, and its central question is just as valid during peacetime.

We Will Need Monuments Men For As Long As Ancient Sites Remain Battlefields


Emma Cunliffe believes the “The Monument Men” film isn’t just representative of history; saving art and culture amidst war will be part of our future as well.

World’s Greatest Pizza or World’s Greatest Masterpiece?


A lawyer tells you that a distant, eccentric billionaire relative has named you in his will. Sadly, you are to get none of his fortune, but are instead given a strange choice.

Tète-à-Tète With The Fishman

Tete a tete with Sylvian the fishman photo by Kirra Pendergast

“As man draws nearer to the stars, why should he not also draw nearer to his neighbour?” David Packman gets to know the guy next door, French Pop Artist Sylvian Preziosa.