4 Habits of Highly Ineffective Artists

Are these thought patterns killing your creative dreams?

The Pain of the Personal: An Artist’s View

An Indian cartoonist looks to bring change to America, along with a new perspective of the events that occurred during the Arab Spring Uprising.

How This Sixty-Two-Year-Old Man Became a Young Mom

“Our shared experience of vulnerability erases the age and gender differences between the young mothers and me.”

Is A Picture Worth A Thousand Words Or Dollars?

After his 4-year old daughter created an amazing painting at preschool, Doyin Richards learned a valuable lesson about fatherhood and staying in the moment.

My Dad’s Amazing Easter Island Snowman

A child captures his father’s extraordinary snow sculpture on film.

Dad Hilariously Illustrates The Things His 3-Year-Old Says

Like most 3-year-olds, Harper Grace says her share of silly things. Unlike most 3-year-olds, however, she has a dad who turns them into hilarious illustrations.

Meet the Naked Photographer

Trevor Christensen gets amazing, honest pictures from his subjects with a technique that you’d never expect.

What Steven Liu’s Art Can Do for Everyone

Steven Liu is an artist at Creativity Explored. His art expands what we think people are capable of.

How A DJ Spun His Life onto a Global Stage

B.O.L.D member Rashaun “DJ Reezey®” Williams reflects on his journey as a performer, and acknowledges the people who helped him succeed.

That Time a 7 Year-Old Pitched Me His Story

Standing in front of a corner store on a hot June day in Philly, a former student tells me why he’s newsworthy.

Dear Artists: We Need You Now More Than Ever

The world is getting more confusing. Eric Shapiro reminds us why we need you.

Finding Your Voice

Leo Babauta gives great advice to up and coming artists. Find your voice, and shout.

My Dad Taught Me to Love Me

My Dad doesn’t shy away from the parts of me that aren’t bright and fluffy. He respects me for who I am even if he doesn’t always agree with me. He wants to get to know all of me.

Farrow’s Tweet: A Discussion of Art and the Morality of the Artist

The history of art is full of reprehensible behavior. Should that matter?

Dad, Can I Have Another Sandwich?

JJ Vincent went back for more of David Laferriere’s sandwich bags, and found more than he expected.

One Month of Thankfulness: Bad Album Covers

The joy of the so bad it’s good album cover.