The Hip-Hop Draft


The author is a hip-hop nerd. And he had time on his hands. Behold, The world’s first Hip-Hop Draft.

The Problem With Heroes

Stone O

Eric Shapiro wonders if looking up to somebody, by its nature, pushes your own identity down.

Unnatural Desert: The End of Arts-in-Corrections


Spoon Jackson gives a glimpse into daily prison life and asks, “How can we heal without the arts?”

Erotica Titles For Hot Vacation Reading


Want to add some sizzle to your summer trips? Check out this list to heat up your vacation reading.

Renaiszance: A Brother, a Sister, Music, Art + Science


Renaiszance is the brainchild of siblings Rave and Radha Mehta. The duo’s debut EDM album just hit stores and The Good Men Project talked to Ravé about the origins of their unique sound.

The Poet in Prison Dreams

swans, romantic love, arts, musicals, bird lovers, life in prison, life without parole, forgiveness, dreams, world peace

A lover of birds dreams he can fly and talk to animals … and that his human brothers and sisters might learn to forgive him.

After Seeing Fine Arts Being Cut From Schools … Will My Child Have the Same Opportunities That I Did? (Video)


The short documentary “The Missing Note” shows how fine arts are not just fun but integral for students and their education and what we can do to save them.

10 Books to Get You in the Holiday Spirit


Read these books to get in touch with the holidays in your heart.

A Book for Every Person on Your List


Find a book for anyone for you need to buy for this season.

The Poet as Archetype


The difference between being a male poet and being a gay man is that it has become increasingly acceptable to come out as gay.

What’s Your Relationship Status? There’s a Movie for That


Whether married, single, or love-triangle-d, we’ve got a movie for you!

Virus: Multimedia

Staci - Virus June 20 2012 588

The nightmare of infection ends here. Poet Rick Belden and visual artist Staci Poirier on the infectious nature of family violence.

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“People Like Us” – A Modern Day Ghost Story


As a man and the son of a wandering father, Charlie Capen relates to the story of a guy who finds out after his father’s death that he has a sibling he never knew about.

Defining Masculinity


“…gangsta culture is the essence of patriarchal masculinity.” An introduction to Jack Donovan’s new book, “The Way of Men.”

“My question is why is it wrong to create games for people who make ‘boob-based purchasing decisions’?”


This is a comment by Jacobtk on the post “Video Game Critic Draws Hateful Misogynistic Abuse”.

Am I a Martha Stewart Boy?


“It doesn’t bother me that he prefers to play with a pot instead of throwing a ball.”