‘Dying Light’ Lights Up the Gaming World


Get your zombie fix on! Try Dying Light and hone in your parkour abilities from the safety of your living room.

‘Kundo: Age of the Rampant’ is a Must Add to Your Video Queue


Are you looking for a little kung-fu with a lot of heart? Look no further than this must see video release.

The Best (and Worst) of 2014 Arts & Entertainment


James Halcomb presents his favorites (and not so favs) from this last year.

Who Will Outwit, Outplay, Outlast?


‘Survivor’ brings new twists into the game. Which man or woman will take home the title of Sole Survivor this season?

Who Watches ‘The Watchmen’?


Matthew Gilman shows us the underlying themes in ‘The Watchmen.’ Will you ever look at ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ ‘The Old Testament,’ ‘Iron John,’ mythology, and politics the same again?

‘Gotham’ A Prequel to Power


Brandy Pettigrew reviews Fox’s new show. Can you find all of the future heroes and villains in Gotham?

‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Will Make You a Foodie Too


Brandy Pettigrew explores why she became a Foodie and how ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ feeds her passion.

10 Books That Changed Your Life? The New List Trend


David James Poissant takes on Alexis Kleinman and book shaming.

A Drink and a Movie


It’s fun to grab dinner and movie on a summer evening, but don’t forget about the drink. To help you decide what to sip on before drinking in your favorite flick, we’ve paired these cocktails and movie genres together. Sponsored by Fridays.

Never Apologize for Your Art (and it’s all art)

Own your art, whatever it may be.

Dillan DiGiovanni reminds you that just by living, you are creating. Don’t apologize for that.

Hulu’s New Original Comedy “Quick Draw” is a Rootin’ Tootin’ Romp Through the Old West (Sponsored)


“Quick Draw” is an improvised, comedic Western set in a rowdy, frontier town. Only on Hulu.

Read This. Please. The Horrors of Self Promotion.

sales promotion

Sean Beaudoin hates the treadmill of self-promotion that he’s on. But as a writer, what choice does he have?

Taking My Nephews to See ‘Brave’

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 8.39.24 AM

Sidney Stone hopes that the fairy tales of the future can help undo some of the damaging messages about gender that have been sent to boys and girls in the past.

Alabama Shakes

alabama shakes by artist

Jesse Kornbluth, on a new band that is not slick, wears street clothes, and plays it like they mean it.