The Death Penalty in SE Asia


Is there a trend towards abolition?

5 Things You Should Know About Malaria


Get yourself informed about Malaria and its global impact.

4 Ways Living In Another Country Will Change Your Life For The Better

Foreign travel

Leaving the known has more to offer than escape, it can change your career options drastically for the better. Here’s how:

AFP: Asia’s Gay Rights Activists Plan UN Strategy

asia gay rights

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender activists from across Asia gathered in Nepal this weekend to plan strategies for overcoming problems in the region, including religion and culture.

The Grace Hotel


A former wedding planner observes the sex trade in Bangkok, as well as efforts to free women and children from prostitution.

Let’s Go to Thailand

Hong Kong sunset

Atalwin flies to Thailand to study with a warrior: a former Thai boxer who became a Buddhist monk.

Man-to-Man with Tai Chi master and author Arthur Rosenfeld


Cameron Conaway sits down with Arthur Rosenfield to discuss Tai Chi and what’s next for this modern-day monk.

First Look: FORGOTTEN COUNTRY, by Catherine Chung


A first look at the novel, FORGOTTEN COUNTRY, by Catherine Chung, out March 1 from Riverhead Books.

Feminine Power: The Recognition


While he was in China, Brandon Ferdig found a totally different type of femininity than what he was used to.

The Missing Itch of Dreams

Itch Bomb Salesses Love Recorded

In this installment of Love, Recorded, Cathreen’s itch subsides and Matt’s itch gets itchier.

Obama Risks Coconut Attack in India

photo via

Say what you want about President Obama, but you can no longer say he never risked his life for our country.