How To Be Less Awkward


“Be yourself” and “Just relax” are useless advice for awkward people. Instead, here’s some clear, simple guidelines.

3 Lessons Everyone Can Learn from the Impending ‘Autism Tsunami’

3 lessons autism tsunami by hans kylberg

With over a million U.S. children with autism approaching adulthood, Matthew Rozsa looks at impact of the coming wave.

3 Things I Want You to Know About Asperger’s Syndrome

3 Things I Want by TORLEY

Matthew Rozsa shares his experience and perspective to help “neurotypicals” understand high-functioning autism.

How Autism Holds The Answers To Depression And Mental Illness


Can knowledge and understanding of Autism lead to more effective mental health support? Andrew Lawes believes so.

What I’ve Learned About Autism From My Son

What I've Learned About Autism

Anthony Goulet learned to see the world through his son’s eyes and what he saw was something he wished he could share with the world.

Dad of Divas: The Interview


Q: What advice would you give to other fathers? A: A vasectomy is waaay cheaper than kids!

The Guy Having a Panic Attack


Suffering from panic attacks since college has been bad enough. Even more difficult is the thought that my kids will inherit them.

Our Football Picks, Week 3: One-Question Quiz


Fill in the blank: Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III became the first ever quarterback ______________ to start an NFL game.

Some Good Men Bite


Through her relationship with her brother, Rachel Peck looks to examine and even change the definition of “good men” in the world.

Three Things We Can Learn From Mitt Romney about Bullying

AP Photo Romney in 1965

Mitt Romney stands accused of homophobic bullying in high school. Jeremy Adam Smith looks at the positive lessons can we draw from the story.

What the Hell Do You Do When You Realize Your Husband Has Asperger’s?


David Finch’s talks how to be a good husband, whether you realize at 30 you are on the spectrum or not.

That Time I Couldn’t Compromise My Principles


“My need for a community subsided as my backbone for being a man grew stronger. It was clear that in spite of losing my friends and my dream I had something I never had before: my voice.”