Have True Gentlemen Been Replaced By “Bros”?

Acting like a jackass is nothing to be proud of, Bro! And it won’t get you the relationship you want, either.

The Boy Who was Bit by an Ass and Lived to Tell the Tale

On how embarrassing stories from childhood are sometimes remembered by others as bravery.

The Butt of the Marriage Joke

Why do some married women find it acceptable to poke fun at their husbands in public?

The Proper Use of Profanity

A basic guide to the correct use of English profanity.

“Here’s a suggestion: if you don’t know the woman, shut the f*ck up. Tell your mother she has a nice ass.”

This is a comment by Mike on the post “Why Are Guys So Obsessed With My Butt?”

“There are no moustache twirling villains. Pretty much everyone believes that what they’re doing is ok.”

These are comments by Saoili and The_L on the post “How Not to Hit on People”.

Are You Looking at My Junk?

People are always staring, gawking, fawning, and panting at our crotches. Behold: the Front View Boys.

I’ve Seen Better Days

Now if I could just find the rewind button… Tuesday ended on a high note and Wednesday started with a ton of promise.  The day ended poorly, but as you continue to read, you will find that it was mostly my fault.  Here’s the deal… Tuesday night The Phone Sex Operator (P.S.O.) came over for […]