Still A Crime To Be Black In New York City [VIDEO]


Poet Michael Amity ran across this video online, and he doesn’t like what he sees.

Worse Than Making Sausages


The absurdity and dangers of 16-year-olds being charged in adult criminal court.

A Single Threat Of Violence


Dennis Milam Bensie discusses a relationship of a different time period, but an issue still very present in our current culture.

Anchored to Abuse: The Journey from Statistic to Survivor


Nannette Ricaforte shows how domestic violence can use fear and hope as magnets.

Day 128 of Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike: Doctors Urged Not to Force-Feed Prisoners

Joint Medical Group

The months-long hunger strike is taking a devastating toll on prisoners, but an article in the New England Journal of Medicine insists that force-feeding them is assault.

“We do NOT live in a perfect world…and until we do, I will remain a gun enthusiast.”

This comment is by BlacksmithSEAL on the post “A Liberal and a Gun-Nut Walk Into a Blog”.

My Bloody Valentine [1997]

my bloody valentine

Andy Bodle meets the girl of his dreams at a comedy gig, but what he learns about her grows increasingly disturbing.

Open Thread: When Is Deadly Force Justified?


At what point does it become appropriate to take a hatchet to someone?

Homeless Hippie Hitchhiker Handles Hatchet Heroically

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 9.50.29 PM

Soft-spoken sojourner saves stranger, seeks surfing, swears steadily.

“Your right to bear arms ends where my right to life begins.”


This is a comment by Kevin on the post “I Grew Up With Guns, Then I Was Held Hostage With One”.

“Is there ever a circumstance where the victim shoulders some of the blame/responsibility for their assault? For me the answer is no.”

photo by andrew bain

This comment is by Nadine, to Archy, on the post “Rape Culture: What it is and how it works?”

“Chris Brown is SUPPOSED to be convincing us beyond any shadow of a doubt that he will never do something like he did to Rihanna ever again.”


This is a comment by Grey Aiken on the post “Chris Brown’s Twitter Deactivated After Tweet War with Comedy Writer”.

Fierce Resistance


Why do we continue to blame the victims of sexual assault?

“We can’t support boys and men who are struggling when we believe that their struggles make them weak.”


These are comments by JJ and Joanna Schroeder on the post “Lead a Good Life, Everyone: Trey Malone’s Suicide Note”.

“A good friend of mine sexually assaulted a woman that was a member of our mutual friends.”


This is a comment by Anonymous on the post “I Know Who You Raped Last Summer”.

Simulated Assault: My Life as a Self-Defense Instructor

IMPACT '11 Photoshoot-46

Meron Langsner plays the perpetrator in reversals of attempted assault.