Doing It Alone

Trying to recover from your trauma alone is a long slow road. But opening up to others can be a huge step towards healing.

She’s Not Asking For Your Advances

It is time we pointed out the obvious and stopped blaming women for being sexually harassed.

6 Empowering Ways to Protect Yourself From Predators

August McLaughlin shares empowering tips from her podcast with therapist Dr. Wendy O’Connor on how we can all keep ourselves safer.

Jameis Winston, the NFL Draft and Sexual Assault

Adam Banner looks at the NFL calculus of talent versus worry regarding the #1 overall draft pick in the 2015 draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The One Thing Everyone Gets Wrong About Street Harassment

Street harassment isn’t really about lonely guys who just want a date.

War and Circumstance: The Brutalization of My Brothers

Austin Harrington reflects on the unprovoked, violent attacks on fellow African Americans by police.

Still A Crime To Be Black In New York City [VIDEO]

Poet Michael Amity ran across this video online, and he doesn’t like what he sees.

Worse Than Making Sausages

The absurdity and dangers of 16-year-olds being charged in adult criminal court.

A Single Threat Of Violence

Dennis Milam Bensie discusses a relationship of a different time period, but an issue still very present in our current culture.

Anchored to Abuse: The Journey from Statistic to Survivor

Nannette Ricaforte shows how domestic violence can use fear and hope as magnets.

Day 128 of Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike: Doctors Urged Not to Force-Feed Prisoners

The months-long hunger strike is taking a devastating toll on prisoners, but an article in the New England Journal of Medicine insists that force-feeding them is assault.

“We do NOT live in a perfect world…and until we do, I will remain a gun enthusiast.”

This comment is by BlacksmithSEAL on the post “A Liberal and a Gun-Nut Walk Into a Blog”.

My Bloody Valentine [1997]

Andy Bodle meets the girl of his dreams at a comedy gig, but what he learns about her grows increasingly disturbing.

Open Thread: When Is Deadly Force Justified?

At what point does it become appropriate to take a hatchet to someone?

Homeless Hippie Hitchhiker Handles Hatchet Heroically

Soft-spoken sojourner saves stranger, seeks surfing, swears steadily.

“Your right to bear arms ends where my right to life begins.”

This is a comment by Kevin on the post “I Grew Up With Guns, Then I Was Held Hostage With One”.