Addiction: What Can You Do When You Blow Your Recovery?

When you are in recovery, sometimes you are going to get wet. The only question is how quickly will you get back into the boat?

Are All 3-Year-Olds Just A**holes?

Babies—perfect. Toddlers: trying. But are three-year-olds just mercilessly impossible? Sarah Fader has the definitive answer.  — I have two children. Before I had kids, everyone warned me about the terrible twos. Watch out, when your kid turns two they become wild and uncontrollable. All they say is “no” to everything and good luck, because that year […]

Why Nice Guys Stay Single

Guys, being nice won’t get you the girl. That’s because ‘nice’ isn’t what women need. If you want a relationship, bring on the real you.

A Threat and a Promise

Pro tip from a waiter: don’t enlist the staff in your wedding proposal. But if you do, do it right.

“I relate to the rage that comes from kids being little a**holes, but I don’t think physical discipline solves that. It just turns them into different a**holes.”

Do you spank your kids? If you do, why? If not, how do you discipline them? How did you decide what methods to use as a parent?

Face the Rage

How do you powerfully deal with people when they’re acting nuts?

Creepy Behavior and the Difference Between “Attractive” and “Attracted”

Doctor NerdLove explains that while being physically attractive may help a guy meet women, he still doesn’t get to act like a creep.

The (Almost) Final Word on the Allure of the Bad Boy

Why do women date assholes? Ali Rivzi explains through a pop culture analysis.

Are Husbands Really Assholes? Or Do Their Wives Just Think They Are?

Why do some men report that even the attempt to be a good husband is a soul-crushing experience?

Poor, Poor, Pitiful Men: The Martyr Complex of the American Husband

Guy Code, Hugo Schwyzer writes, attempts to give men a free pass from being emotionally understanding in their relationships.

Tucker Max

Dude asked Tucker if he was “going out to party tonight?”  Tucker looked at him and said, “Not sure.  But if I am, it’s going to be with chicks and not with you.” *The original intent for this was to write a bit about Tucker Max, then go into my interview with him.  The reality […]