One Man’s Vision to Tee Up Success for At-Risk Kids: Part 2

According to Howard Bankman, the best way to help at-risk kids is with healthy doses of golf, jazz and character.

One Man’s Vision to Tee Up Success for At-Risk Kids: Part 1

Howard Bankhead lives by the motto, “Anything Positive is Possible” and he has lived that out for the past 12 years helping at-risk kids learn life lessons one swing at a time.

Beyond Fatherlessness; Finding New Ways to Deal With Emotional Needs of Minority Boys

Blaming the absence of fathers for all issues surrounding minority boys is easy; but, a deeper look can reveal other pressing concerns.

Life in the Man Deserts

Why are more children than ever are growing up with no male role models in sight?

International Men’s Day 2012

Helping men and boys live longer, happier, healthier lives.

A Former Teenage Inmate Reflects on Court Ruling

“Today I cannot think of Evan Miller in prison without thinking about three of my former cellmates: Damon, Mike, and Roger. Damon and Mike were both 16 when they were sentenced to life in prison. Roger was 16 when he was sentenced to 63 years. Only Damon had been found guilty of homicide.”

The Lost Boys

Researchers went looking for sexually exploited girls, and found boys instead.

Learning to Row From Both Sides of the Boat

Hugo Schwyzer talks with Warren Farrell about the White House Commission on Boys to Men.

How to Become a Man

Anthony Di Vittorio runs Youth Guidance Becoming a Man, a Chicago counseling program that fosters healthy masculine ideals among at-risk teen boys.

I Wish We Could Be in This Class All Day

In the latest installment of “Believing in Boys,” Suzanne looks for new ways to engage her class. If only there were a standardized test for paper football.