My Father, My Homeboy

“You want to work day and night? It’s not easy. Take this chance that you have. Don’t be dumb.”

My Life, So Far

Randy Chavez hopes that his best years are still ahead.

The Listener

All I do is listen, and I’m not sure why.

Are We the Same?

This story evolved out of a real text conversation between Venice High POPS the Club graduate Anthony Cortez and Tyanni Gomez, Venice High senior and POPS the Club President.

I Don’t Need Him

18 Reasons why Nelvia Marin does not need these men in her life

Sammy Come Home

Tracking the years of her brothers criminal career.

My Parents

Ia’leah Cain saw her father die right in front of her and her life became a prison

As the Years Go by

I’m not supposed to be up this late, but Daddy’s too loud.

My Time in POPS

Miguel Guzman has learned to fight for what is most important

Fatherless Girl

We can see the importance of fathers by looking at their absence.

I Grew Up in a Happy Home

Michelle Montano’s brother was murdered on his own deck, but she has found him again.

Ordinary Weekend

Visiting is over. I give a hug that I will miss.

My Pain in the Prison System

Michael A. Davis writes about the pain of the prison in his heart.

The Journal

Every morning thereafter, as I dressed for school, I would always see the journal resting untouched on my bedside table.


Marianne Valencia writes about how oysters were more than food. They were a connection with her dad.

The Dream

Evil vibes bounce back and forth around the room.
I say he wouldn’t dare hit me. He does.