The Meaning of Life for Non-Religious People (video)

meaning of life

The British Humanist Association and funny-man Stephen Fry join forces to explore how people without faith can find happiness.

Dear God, Where Did I Go Wrong With You?


Jesse Bradley considers where our spiritual scars come from, drawing from his many years as a pastor listening to people share their stories and experiences.

What Happens When an Atheist Dad Talks to His Kid About God

What Happens When an Atheist Dad Talks to His Kid About God

Dave Lesser doesn’t believe in God, but does his best to keep an open mind when his kids ask the big questions about religion.

Across the Universe: Dealing With Death as an Atheist

photo by overgraeme

After the sudden, unexpected death of a friend Chris Hicke grapples with what it means to be an atheist.

An Open Letter To Atheists: Why You Scare Me Lately


Jeremy Gross has noticed a menacing trend among the ranks of atheist activists. This is his plea for mutual tolerance.

Grieving Without God


Accepting that life is temporary doesn’t make it meaningless.

Raising Secular Kids In A Religious World


I believe my son has the ultimate say in the choice of his religion. At the same time, it would be silly to suggest that I let my six-year-old navigate the crowded marketplace of religion alone.

Syria: An Atheist’s Prayer

Syrian Boy Trocaire 2013_09_15

As the international community debates, an atheist resolves to take action.

Richard Dawkins’ Apology: Ignoring Science in Favor of Anecdotes?

Richard Dawkins apology, Richard Dawkins light pedophilia, child abuse, male survivors

Christopher Anderson of Male Survivor examines Richard Dawkins’ apology and asserts that Dawkins should have acknowledged that relying on anecdotal evidence to draw conclusions about the experiences of others is sloppy thinking

Caught in a Mosh

He's so heavy

Why heavy metal doesn’t have to be hyper masculine—take it from kid sitting out from the mosh pit

Faitheist: A Review


A review of a book about a young, gay atheist, his journey through religion and sexuality, and his thoughts on the importance of interfaith work.

Boy Scouts Vote on Lifting Ban on Gay Members

anti-gay, boy scouts, gay ban

A controversial debate within the Boy Scouts of America is coming to a head this week as 1,400 of its leaders vote on lifting the ban that doesn’t allow homosexuals or atheists into its ranks.

My Kids Will Believe in the Almighty Power of Thought

Abandoned Bible, Joshua 18

“I cannot allow my children to close their minds to all the infinite possibilities of our world and our universe, only one of which is offered by any organized religion.”

‘Science Flies Us To The Moon, Religion Flies Us Into Buildings’

Jesus, crown of thorns, West Pier Brighton Jesus, Good Men Project, Jim Rigby

As much as Rev. Jim Rigby loves to hear a valid criticism of religious belief, he winces at those who think themselves above such human frailties.

Bringing Sexy Back to Postmodern Philosophy

Foucault, Derrida, and ?

Is this 39-year-old Irish author badass enough to continue the legacy of Foucault and Derrida?

Death by Confirmation


In this Catholic rite of passage, becoming a man permanently alters a boy’s relationship to his father.