Seeking Common Ground: Why Progressive Muslims and Atheists Should Work Together

We don’t realize the latent potential we have to flip the script and change the popular narrative of Muslim-panic and atheist-distrust. But it requires us to speak up, to defend each other against unfair attacks, and to try and see past our differences.

What Does Life After God Sound and Look Like?

Where can we go when we give up the life of belief? A Year Without God: The Film‘s Ryan Bell has started a new venture, the website and podcast Life After God that focuses on counseling—and preaching to—the former congregation. — Where do believers go when their faith has run out? Is there a place […]

Jesus Doesn’t Text and the Buddha Hasn’t Tweeted Yet

Jeremy McKeen remembers the mustard seed of faith that almost was.  — “Between the Pope and air conditioning,” says Harry Block of Woody Allen’s 1997 Deconstructing Harry, “I’d choose air conditioning.” The Pope, however, does have a castle. And cool outfits. But the sentiment of that quote, that in our modern age an individual would choose science, […]

Why We Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Use the “A” Word

Believing you only get one life gives you more to live for, not less.

If Jesus Returned to the People Again

… only atheists would believe in him.

From Atheism to a Kind of Faith

Ty Phillips shares a short tale of finding grace.

Will Atheist Ayaan Hirsi Ali Back Up Her Views In A Public Debate About Islam?

Muslim lawyer and best-selling author Qasim Rashid has challenged Hirsi Ali to a public debate. Will she accept?

Phil Robertson Reminds Me Why I’m a Humanist

Dear Phil Robertson: A moral code based upon anything other than compassion for others is not really moral. Now, ask God to forgive you for the harm you’ve caused.

The New Atheists

John Faithful Hamer has a bone to pick with the latest incarnation of the Atheist Movement.

Living Between the Lines of Faith and Uncertainty

Pastor Ryan Bell’s “Year Without God” experiment gained him national attention for simply daring to question out loud.

Je Suis Karim al-Banna, My name is Karim al-Banna

A young man from Egypt was sentenced to a three year jail sentence because he admitted he is an atheist and insulted Islam on Facebook.

Religious Atheism?

Is faith made stronger by doubt? Rev Jim Rigby explains.

God Was on His Side: Accessing Mark Jackson

Jim Jividen discusses the firing of Mark Jackson and the special kind of privilege that Jackson and other avowed Christians have.

Faith and Film: Grappling with Noah

Seminary graduate N.C. Harrisons discusses how complex works of art can inspire personal growth.

Non-Believer and Chief: Will America Ever Have an Atheist President?

Atheism is on the rise in America. Secularism and scientific thought is creating a generation of voters with the ability to think critically about the issues. Will the popularity of disbelief give rise to a political party devoid of religious factions?

The Meaning of Life for Non-Religious People (video)

The British Humanist Association and funny-man Stephen Fry join forces to explore how people without faith can find happiness.