Religion in America, 2015: The ‘Nones’ vs. the ‘Dones’


What’s the difference between never having chosen a religion and choosing to be done with one? Neil Carter, a former church elder and current skeptic, helps us navigate these modern times.

Separation Between Church and Sport?


We see religion and sports converge time and time again. But should they really go hand-in-hand?

Being An Atheist Is Not A ‘White Thing’ And It’s Not A Bad Thing. I’m Proof Of That.


Darrin Johnson decided that atheism was the right path for him. Here’s how.

Growing Up Secular

growing up secular - dolphins

Dewaine Farria struggles with how to raise a secular child in a world that bombards them with religious messages.

Across the Universe: Dealing With Death as an Atheist

photo by overgraeme

After the sudden, unexpected death of a friend Chris Hicke grapples with what it means to be an atheist.

Syria: An Atheist’s Prayer

Syrian Boy Trocaire 2013_09_15

As the international community debates, an atheist resolves to take action.

Death Metal: More than Growling About Satan

Carcass' Jeff Walker

In the second installment of genre primers, death metal makes the case for healthy aggression.

Faitheist: A Review


A review of a book about a young, gay atheist, his journey through religion and sexuality, and his thoughts on the importance of interfaith work.

Some Thrive, Some Die


Lawrence Benner’s cat just died, and it’s got him thinking about all the ways we’re obsessed with death, when it’s really quite simple.

My Kids Will Believe in the Almighty Power of Thought

Abandoned Bible, Joshua 18

“I cannot allow my children to close their minds to all the infinite possibilities of our world and our universe, only one of which is offered by any organized religion.”

Bringing Sexy Back to Postmodern Philosophy

Foucault, Derrida, and ?

Is this 39-year-old Irish author badass enough to continue the legacy of Foucault and Derrida?

The (Christian) Month of December


Professor Warren Blumenfeld sees the privileged few and an excluded many during the “Holiday Season.”

Fake St. Limbaugh church sign

Today, we have a face-off between faith and reason, as some seem to feel like having both coexist is a physical impossibility.

“I’m an Atheist however I really enjoy reading the articles in the ‘Spirituality Section’.”

photo by licht3pics

This comment was from Jameseq on the post “With Grace”.

“Woodstock for Atheists” Today; Did They Pray for Good Weather?

Screen Shot 2012-03-23 at 1.37.50 PM

Jamie Reidy comments on first ever Atheist March.

How an Atheist Learned to Think About Spirituality

photo by aturkus

Lisa Hickey finds something she can believe in. And it has everything to do with “good” and much to do with “men”.