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The Wrong Way to Confront Rape Culture

Rolling Stone’s now infamous article “A Rape on Campus” inspired a new program at the University of Virginia to help end campus rape. Unfortunately, it’s not likely to work.

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Can Youth Sports Foster Creativity? It Depends

If the clichés that permeate sports broadcasts and locker room speeches are to be believed, sports participation teaches children the value of hard work, builds character, and develops future leaders.

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The Troubling Price of Playing Youth Sports

In a $5 billion industry, there’s no longer a level playing field.

Why Men Need to Play

Duncan Alldridge explores men’s inherent need for play as part of healthy masculinity.

The Most Beautiful Work I’ve Ever Done

“Let me win, but if I cannot win let me be brave in the attempt.”

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Tell These Kids Competitive Dancing Is Not a Sport….

Many people agree that dancing is athletic and requires skill but they say it is not a sport—these competitive dancing kids would disagree.

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