Diplomas or Dollars: What Is the Student-Athlete-as-Employee Case Really About?

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There’s a reason ‘student’ comes first in ‘student-athlete.’

“There are boys who are NOT high-energy, not into wrestling or sports, and not into screaming. And they are not ‘acting like girls’.”


This is a comment by wellokaythen on the post “Let’s Stop Faulting Boys and Start Channeling Their Energy”.

I’m Will [Book Excerpt]


William Haylon novel describes a young man’s struggle to belong by proving himself on the basketball court and off.

“There are intangibles to playing sports: self-discipline, overcoming hardship, facing fear, camaraderie.”


This is a comment by Rick on the post “Real Men Don’t Watch Sports”. While sports sometimes have a tendency to seem violent and bring out hostile “manly” attitudes, someone who has lived through them has a different perspective.

School Sports and Kids: What is the Impact of a Concussion? (Infographic)

hs football_GMP (588x407)

Recent studies show, “Each season the average college football player receives more than 1,000 blows to the head.”

Letter to J., Who I Used to Mentor


Michael Copperman finds that the right moment to mentor usually comes on the way to somewhere else.

The History of the San Francisco Giants in the World Series


With his beloved Giants up 1-0 on the Detroit Tigers, Jim Jividen takes time to reflect on San Francisco’s track record in the World Series.

Beginning a Dialogue on Death


Coach Cj Swaby’s fight against grief.

The Soccer Ref


It was the Yellow Wasps versus the Highlight Cupcakes. Actually, it was a 36 year old, out-of-shape dad, versus fourteen seven-year-old girls.

Bank Walkers and the Code of the Locker Room


There are two types of guys—bank walkers, as they say in Texas, are guys who are unashamed about their nakedness. Drew Diaz on the man code and gym culture.

A Moment


From the moment his son was born, the kind of father Steve Marsh wanted to be, began to change.

Am I Less Than a Man?

chiseled male chest

Do you have to look the part to be a “real man”? Turner Wright questions his body type.

Roger Federer: Sport as Art

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Liam Day explores how the art of sport is represented through some of the greatest athletes alive, most prominently in Wimbledon champion Roger Federer.

What Is My Body For?


Telling your daughter she can be strong and capable will never be the same as letting her find it out for herself.

National Glory: Division I Sports and the Olympic Games

2008 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies in Beijing

Athletic competition was never a spiritually innocent pursuit. College football is no exception.

Ten Things I’ve Learned From The Gym Locker Room

Screen Shot 2012-04-01 at 9.49.14 AM

Josh Bowman has learned a few things from the locker room at the gym…