How My Daughter Makes Me a Better Man

How College Daughter Makes Better Man by Lance Burson

Lance Burson saw he was the one learning when taking his daughter to college for her sophomore year

Andrew Young Gives Kids on Civil Rights Tour Passionate Post MLK Message

andrew young

1960’s Civil Rights Activist Speaks on Life With and After MLK

Black Male Educators Doing Great Things; The Ronnie Thomas Story

Ronnie Thomas

Ronnie Thomas Discusses the Importance of STEM Programs

Nina Pham is Ebola Free. We Can Beat Ebola, Yes We Can

Nina Pham

Ebola, although deadly and highly infectious, is not easily transmitted and can be successfully treated, especially if caught early.

NFL Educates Teams on Small Ebola Risk–Forgets to Mention Large Concussion Risk

nfl tackle

Tor Constantino looks at the NFL’s attempt to demonstrate concern for player safety regarding Ebola but not the concussions suffered by up to 30% of players on average.

Roy Wasn’t A Perfect Man, But He Was a Good One. Here’s Why He’ll Be Missed


“He wasn’t a perfect man, by any means, but none of us are and just as our good cannot wipe out our faults, neither can our evils wipe out the small kindnesses that mean so much,” writes N.C. Harrison.

Alabama Brain Surgeon Walks Six Miles Through Snowstorm To Save A Man’s Life


A brain surgeon walked through a snowstorm in his scrubs to perform a life-saving operation. Can we focus on the good instead of making jokes?

Teen in Need of a Heart Transplant Being Denied Lifesaving Surgery


An Atlanta Children’s Hospital is denying a 15-year-old boy a lifesaving heart transplant because they say he has a “history of non-compliance.”

Dave Nazaroff to Bike 900-Miles for Injured Toddler Tripp Halstead

tripp halstead, brain injury, charity

The trip is long, but the cause is noble.

Father and Son Graduate College Together

president obama, barack obama, obama, morehouse college, graduation, commencement, commencement speech, graduation speech, obama graduation speech

On Sunday, two Dorian Joyners donned their caps and gowns to graduate from Morehouse College in Georgia, where the commencement speech was given by President Obama.

5 Ways Parents Can Avoid Drama After a Breakup

Screen Shot 2012-08-24 at 12.16.13 PM

Showtime, a single father, offers advice to couples like Usher and Tameka Raymond on how to maintain a healthy and peaceful situation for your children during a break-up.

My Favorite Issue of Playboy: The One with A Picture of Me

Screen Shot 2012-04-07 at 10.01.30 AM

Jamie Reidy recounts how his photo ended up in the May 2011 issue of Playboy.

Layovers, BBQ and a Tornado


Jamie Reidy spoke with an airport eyewitness to Tuesday’s twister in Dallas and ate the best barbecued turkey of his life.

Escapism: BLACK COMIC BOOK DAY(s) 2012 Comes to Atlanta, Chicago, and NYC [@darrylzero]

Three cities–Atlanta, Chicago, and New York–have Black Comic Book Day events planned.

T-Bone, Santa, and the Refrigerator Boxes


For Jack Varnell, the best Christmas ever consisted of roaming the streets of Atlanta, knocking on cardboard houses, and handing out peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches,

GMP Accepts the True Ally Award from Men Stopping Violence


“That’s awesome, but now we have to go out and continue to earn it.”