I’m From Pittsburgh, PA

Jason Cozart shares a horrific tragedy, and gives us a powerful message on love and recovery.

You’re So Sweet: What To Say When Reacting To Your Partner’s Annoying Habits

An accidental statement becomes a way out of old habitual ways if interacting. How sweet it is!

6 Empowering Ways to Protect Yourself From Predators

August McLaughlin shares empowering tips from her podcast with therapist Dr. Wendy O’Connor on how we can all keep ourselves safer.

The City of Lights was Dimmed, but not Diminished. Free Speech was Violated, but not Silenced.

Neal Brown believes that free speech is costly but worth the investment.

Victim of ‘Knockout Game’ Urges Philadelphia Mayor to Admit a Problem Exists

Both he and his father were victims of the random violent attacks, now a South Philadelphia man is demanding city officials tackle the problem head on.

Dad’s Defense: Facing the Dangers

Vincent Daly had a scary encounter while out with his family, and now he has a plan for safety in the face of danger.

“‘F*ck” is often used violently. ‘Making love’ seems more consensual, creative and equal.”

This is a comment by James on the post “F***ing and Making Love: What’s the Difference, Men?”.

Anger of Muslims, Part 2: Making Sense in 3D

The violence in the Middle East makes sense when viewed from sufficient perspectives.

“Maybe it would be more productive to start going after societal institutions instead of individual men.”

“In the case of cat calling, maybe it’s worth going after institutions before individual men.”


Kenny D’Cruz tries to make sense of a shocking attack.

News: Word on the Tweets from August 7, 2011

The summary from the weekly news webcast, It’s Komplicated for August 7, 2011.

That Polar Bear Went Polar Bear

Polar Bears are not crazy.