Coping With Fear During Divorce

Coping by Helga Weber

Fear during divorce can be paralyzing. Jenny Kanevsky has 4 ways to help you push through.

The Gravity of Injustice on Our Souls – A Response to Ferguson, Garner, and the Paradox of the Black Attorney

injustice - paradox response

How do conscious activist professionals handle the struggle of expectations, responsibilities, and fear?

My First Time


Bob Marrow describes first experience in court as a lawyer.

Custody Battles: Five Things Involved Dads Should Know Before Setting Foot in Court


Morghan Leia Richardson’s comprehensive list for dads dealing with custody battles.

Stop Painting Your Ex as a Horrible, Negligent Addict and Resolve Your Divorce Guilt


Divorce attorney Morghan Leia Richardson critiques divorce guilt.

The Lawyer’s Guide To Legal Marketing


Because in this new age, we are all, always looking for work

A Talk With a Mentor: Albert Moskowitz, Former Chief of Criminal Section, US Justice Department

photo by nostri-imago

Andrew Bruskin talks with his uncle about his journey from teacher to attorney to U.S. Justice Chief in order to find answers to the question: How do people become successful?

Guestpost #89: Zephyr Hill – Ten Things I’ve Learned From Being a Divorce Attorney

Sad Statue

Zephyr Hill gives some helpful advice for couples going through a divorce. “If you have kids, try and get along. End of story.”