We Used to Be in Love, But Now? 5 Tips for Sustainable Love

break up

Christian Pedersen knows that there is work—real, honest work—involved in keeping love sustained.

“We humans are attracted to the person, not the sexual identity”

Kinsey Scale

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“Great minds thrill…great bodies merely decorate the landscape.”


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Ladies. Why Every Man Wants To Sleep With You.


The author explains to women why men constantly check them out. And why it’s OK.

7 Reasons Older Men Love Older Women

7 reasons older men

Please don’t rinse away your gray and Botox your smile lines. They look great on you.

Authentic Man Experiment: The Unbreakable Wall of Attraction

passion dance

Damien Bohler took sex off the table, and started a relationship with a woman he felt emotionally connected to… But something was still off.

Power Lines

Power Lines photo by Steward Black

Thomas G. Fiffer meets a woman and seems to connect, but at the end of the evening his manhood is called into question. He wonders why.

The Biggest Turn Off She Will Never Tell You

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Your desperation and low standards for sex is one of the biggest turn offs for her.

Love is a Strange Song Inside Your Head

Good Men Project, Jackson Bliss, Idiosyncratic Beauty, Falling in Love, RLS Section,

Conventional beauty doesn’t mean crap. Jackson Bliss explores the importance of “idiosyncratic beauty” and its relationship to love

A Female Translation of “I Don’t Want Sex”

Good Men Project, Jennifer Gunsaullus, Sex Advice, Relationship Advice, Translation of Female Rejection, Understanding Each Other, Interpretating Messages, Communication, Relationships,

Women have different reasons for not being in the mood. Dr. Gunsaullus gives five possible translations of “not tonight, honey”

The Case for Going Vegan

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Neil Smith chose to go vegan as his way to make a difference in the world. He makes the case for why you should consider it, too.

How to Fail at Meeting the Girl of Your Dreams


The universe gave Atalwin Pilon a single chance to meet someone he was wildly attracted to. And he choked.

5 Mistakes Men Make in Relationships

5 Mistakes Men Make in Relationships, Men, Relationships, Relationships Mistakes

Jackson Bliss explains why these five relationship mistakes can be lethal.

Why Pickup Artistry Is So Toxically Tempting to Men


When guys can’t believe in their natural power, they’ll believe in magic tricks.

Baby, Can I Drive Your Car?


Alyssa Royse fell in love with her husband because of his beat up 30 year-old Subaru, not despite it.

Dear John: My Husband’s Knitting Is Out Of Control


An awkward gift-giver, a guy who accidentally killed his fiance’s pet, and waning attraction between a husband and wife.