Boys, Men, and Why I’ll Never Own a Gun

An honest look at depression, guns and the what scares me the most.

Video: Conspiracy Theorists Harassing Newtown Families

Anderson Cooper investigates how conspiracy theorists have taken to harassing families who lost children in the Newtown, CT school massacre.

“Your right to bear arms ends where my right to life begins.”

This is a comment by Kevin on the post “I Grew Up With Guns, Then I Was Held Hostage With One”.

Erika Christakis on The Overwhelming Maleness of Mass Homicide

Erika Christakis addresses the topic so many would rather ignore, what are we as a society to do with ‘young men’s violent tendencies’?

Aurora Victim Jonathan Blunk Remembered as Hero Who May Have Tried to Stop Shooter

Regardless of whether Jonathan Blunk tried to stop the shooter, the Navy veteran who served three tours in the Middle East will remain a hero to many.

On The Guy Who Left His Girlfriend and Kids in the Aurora Theater

Damon Young insists that before you criticize Jamie Rohrs, realize that unless you’ve been in a life-or-death situation, you don’t have a f*cking clue what you would do if you were him.

“Words like ‘crazy’, ‘insane’, and ‘pyscho’ add stigma to mental illness and keep people from getting help.”

This is a comment by S. L. Maxam on the post “Video of Aurora Shooter – First Court Appearance”.

“Why are these men so alienated that they need to express themselves through mass homicide?”

This is a comment by Nick, mostly on the post “Open Thread: Should Certain Guns be Against the Law?” and by Jed Diamond on the post “Not a Joke: Why Do Our Boys Keep Up the Mass Shootings?”

The Heroes of Aurora

There were more heroes than villains in that Aurora, Colorado movie theater where 12 were killed.

How Villains are Created: a Look at the Batman Shooting

Brandon Ferdig seeks to understand how villains become that way, so we can all help move towards positive solutions.