Guns and Fatalism

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Eric Sentell shoots down the argument that “if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

“Your right to bear arms ends where my right to life begins.”


This is a comment by Kevin on the post “I Grew Up With Guns, Then I Was Held Hostage With One”.

What Terrorizes Americans Most: Guns or Sex?

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Lara Riscol examines how America treats sex, not violence, as the biggest threat to families and the nation.

Maryland Police Thwart Attack by Heavily Armed “Joker”

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Law Enforcement officials thwart another major attack by a heavily armed gunman.

Poll: If Your Loved One Was The Victim of a Horrific Crime, Would You Want The Perpetrator to Receive The Death Penalty?

AP Photo - Lethal Injection

If the unimaginable occurred, would you support the death penalty?

Actor Christian Bale Visits Aurora Shooting Victims

Christian Bale AP Photo

Nicole Johnson always thought Christian Bale was an outstanding actor, but after watching this CNN video, she thinks Christian is a class act.

Aurora Hero Mike White Sr: “I’m Not a Hero, I’m Just Mike”

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Good men are made in moments, millions of them. Mike White Sr is a humble but powerful example of this.

How You Can Help Victims of The Aurora Theater Shooting

Hope Rises Relief Fund

After one of the deadliest shootings in United States history, Americans are doing what we do best in the wake of a tragedy: giving to those in need and believing in the goodness of others.