Australia’s $234 Billion Climate Gamble

The US and China need to lead the charge in maintaining pressure on Australia to do more in the global challenge that is climate change.

How Can You Be a Man With Ancient Traditions in a Modern World?

How do boys from cultures with ancient traditions transition into modern manhood?

Love & Masculinity: My Epiphany in the Australian Outback

The surprise lesson on “Masculine Purpose” Bryan Reeves learned on walkabout in the Australian Outback desert.

Good On You (or How to Say Thank You in Australian)

He traveled “down under” to learn about the culture. And learned a lot about kindness and gratitude.

Loss, Lord’s and Watson’s demise: Australia Looks To Turn Around Ashes Campaign In London

After the Ashes first test didn’t go quite according to the script – England winning convincingly – the Australian team is being forced to regroup. David Saunders previews the second test, starting today on the hallowed turf of Lord’s in London.

Australia And England Poised To Do Battle Again In Cricket’s Greatest Rivalry

This Wednesday, England and Australia will begin the 69th Ashes series, cricket’s most celebrated rivalry, and one of the oldest contests in international sports. David Saunders reports on the strange beginnings of this contest, which has been going for more than 130 years, and how the two teams are shaping up for this coming five-test series in England.

Jake Norris: Family is Paramount

Welcome to Portraits of Fatherhood: We’re telling the story of today’s dads.

I Still Want to Have a Family. It’s Just Going to Look Different.

Just before his 26th birthday, Carlo came out to his Catholic family. The reaction was not what he was expected.

Selfies of an ‘Unsound Mind’: The Mysterious Art of Thomas Hinton

Thomas Hinton’s photographs, and what we can know about his life from other sources, give a rare glimpse into the life of someone suffering a mental illness at the turn of the 20th century.

Making Schools Safer and More Welcoming for LGBTQI Students

The Australian curriculum is completely silent on the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersexed (LGBTQI) students and discusses sexuality only in terms of the biological.

Beautiful, Broken Men

Elly Taylor takes us inside the ravaged world of PTSD.

Marketing Ploy Tricks Men into Enjoying Movie

Ged Gilmore performs a social experiment on his mates. He took them to see a movie. While they all enjoyed it immensely, every one of them was annoyed.

When Darts Missed The Mark

The ugly antics that erupted during the international Darts Invitational Challenge in Melbourne on the weekend shows that the aim of getting “bums on seats” has taken precedence over the merits of a highly skilled sport, writes David Packman

Still Reeling from Sydney, Australia Now Mourns 8 Murdered Children

Naomi Fryers reports on the shocking, devastating, soul destroying, and deeply disturbing news from Cairns, Australia.

Australia’s Response to the Sydney Terror Siege

Australia says #illridewithyou in the face of crisis and racial prejudice

Australia Tweeted #IllRideWithYou—and Showed Great Solidarity in a Moment of Crisis

The trending hashtag was a vital response to a terrible situation.