I Bought Beer For Teenage Boys

And I would do it again.

A Guy Like Me Isn’t Supposed to Learn This

We fear education because it transforms our identities.

The Maria Paradox

How do you solve a problem like Maria? Jefferson Navicky’s answer may surprise you.

What Led You To Her?

Our emotional histories depend on little decisions which, however small, are irreversible.

2 Finnish and 1 Austrian Hostage Freed in Yemen

Officials report that the hostages were not harmed, and are now in an Austrian Hospital recovering.

Missing the Days Before You Were Married

The glass of retrospect distorts, for a moment, a married man’s memories of his globetrotting single days .

Marriage Leads to Gun Freedom

The story of an Austrian writer who moved to Texas to avoid giving up his guns.

A Benign Man in Bad Times: Dan Vyleta’s The Quiet Twin

Dan Vyleta turns a WWII thriller into a book of extraordinary questions.

Blacklisted From History: A History of the Men’s Rights Movement

Men’s rights activism has had many names since its inception in the 1920s.

Tortoises to Divorce after 115 Years

Jamie Reidy comments on the stunning breakup of two 115-year old tortoises.

Video: Gliders vs Wingsuiters

Watch as glider planes and wingsuiters chase one another over the Austrian landscape.

At What Price, Adventure? Avalanches and Extreme Sports

When does a man’s need for adventure cross a line?

Salsa Dancing, a Garter Snake, a Love Triangle and Honor Among Modern Men

Peder Hill questions the value of honor in a true-life love story about his Austrian friend.