What Food Allergic Parents Really Want You to Know


Parents Raise Awareness in Honor of Love Remembers Day

Why You Should Never Assume Anything About People With Autism

daryl hannah

There are many successful people with autism yet it’s still thought of as an inevitable disability.

Dating With Asperger’s

Dating With Aspergers by Matthew Rozsa

Dating with high-functioning autism isn’t easy, but it can be done.

3 Lessons Everyone Can Learn from the Impending ‘Autism Tsunami’

3 lessons autism tsunami by hans kylberg

With over a million U.S. children with autism approaching adulthood, Matthew Rozsa looks at impact of the coming wave.

Comment of the Day: Changing the Conversation on Mental Illness

Comment of by Thomas Fiffer

Sometimes, comments from readers can drive us … well, a little crazy. But sometimes, a comment brightens your whole day, as this one did for Michael Kasdan.

To The Woman And Child Who Sat At Table Nine


“I was supposed to politely tell you to please not have your daughter yell. I was supposed to offend you by not offending you…”

How a Special Boy Helps His Fibromyalgia Mom Move Through Her Day With Joy


Lyndsay is both a mom and a dad to son “M”. While she suffers from physical pain every day, her son lights her life in a thousand ways, his own struggles with autism not withstanding. Here is how.

3 Things I Want You to Know About Asperger’s Syndrome

3 Things I Want by TORLEY

Matthew Rozsa shares his experience and perspective to help “neurotypicals” understand high-functioning autism.

12 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong When You Have a Child With Autism

12 Ways to Keep by Matthias Mueller

Parents of special needs children have special needs of their own, and keeping their marriage intact is one of them.

Speaking Up for Men and Boys from a Writer on the Autistic Spectrum

shame Grey World:Flickr

How can we get all people who are concerned with social justice and equality speaking out on the issue of sexual and domestic violence against men and boys?

Unholy Confession: Proof Of Heaven; How I Beat Depression

depression two

Andrew Lawes has a theory about the mind, and he’s been through hell to research it. Today, he proves heaven exists. He also knows that to get there, first he must confess.

Sometimes, I’m Not Myself. By My Maybe-Autistic Son. Sort Of.

Sometimes I'm Not Myself 1 by Kristi Rieger Campbell

A mother imagines what her special needs son is saying when he’s too stressed out to speak.

Unholy Confession: My Split-Personality Disorder

flowers darkness

Andrew Lawes has tried to live in this world for 29 years. His only hope of survival is to show you his world and hope you accept him in yours.

How Autism Holds The Answers To Depression And Mental Illness


Can knowledge and understanding of Autism lead to more effective mental health support? Andrew Lawes believes so.

I Know What Causes Autism

I Know What Causes by Carrie Cariello

Carrie Cariello, whose boy Jack has autism, has answers … to the questions every parent with a child like hers asks.

#GMPChat- The Myths of Autism 9:00pm Est

Twitter Chat-2

We’re ready to tackle myths and misconceptions about people with autism with guest Deanne Shoyer @OMum22!