Sometimes, I’m Not Myself. By My Maybe-Autistic Son. Sort Of.

Sometimes I'm Not Myself 1 by Kristi Rieger Campbell

A mother imagines what her special needs son is saying when he’s too stressed out to speak.

Unholy Confession: My Split-Personality Disorder

flowers darkness

Andrew Lawes has tried to live in this world for 29 years. His only hope of survival is to show you his world and hope you accept him in yours.

How Autism Holds The Answers To Depression And Mental Illness


Can knowledge and understanding of Autism lead to more effective mental health support? Andrew Lawes believes so.

#GMPChat- The Myths of Autism 9:00pm Est

Twitter Chat-2

We’re ready to tackle myths and misconceptions about people with autism with guest Deanne Shoyer @OMum22!

Why Children With Autism Often Fall Victim to Bullies

playing alone

Bullied for not getting the joke. Why autistic kids are picked on at school.

Join Me in the Classroom, Mayor Hamilton, and Tell My Students to “Grow a Pair”

Porterville, California, Mayor, Cameron Hamilton, grow a pair

Porterville County Mayor Cameron Hamilton’s message to targets of bullying generalizes and negates the bullied child’s experience.

Stepping Outside ‘Our’ World: Lessons I Learned From Working With Special Needs Students

remember-Derrick Tyson-flickr

Loving the world and the people in it is never a question of how, but a question of how can we not? It’s something we should all ask ourselves

Study of Motion Sheds New Light on Autism and the Brain


People with autism are better at picking out objects or features in static images. It’s a clue to how they may be using their brains differently.

Before Autism Touched my Life

Before Autism

Shavon Brown-Robinson thought she had figured out the perfect balance in her life until Autism gave her a new perspective.

What I’ve Learned About Autism From My Son

What I've Learned About Autism

Anthony Goulet learned to see the world through his son’s eyes and what he saw was something he wished he could share with the world.

6 Lessons About Special-Needs Parenting from a Blindfolded Marathoner


Justin Zackal reports on Mike Bruno, who ran the Pittsburgh Marathon blindfolded for his daughter.

I Want Respect: On Punk Music and Learning Disabilities

Fish Police 588

Graham Phoenix attends the first night of a Punk Music Tour and discovers what inclusion for those with learning disabilities really means.

Why I Don’t support Autism Speaks (which is why I don’t ‘light it up blue’)

Why I don't support Autism Speaks

Deanne Shoyer lists several reasons why she doesn’t support Autism Speaks, one of them being the need to move from Autism Awareness to Autism Acceptance.

How to Prevent Children with Special Needs from Being Bullied

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 2.59.09 PM

Jamie Utt sits down with Amy Lewis, who is a first grade teacher with an autistic son.

The Garbage Man’s Act of Love

Garbage Man Act of Love

A garbage truck driver offers a gift to a little boy with Autism.

I Sent an Opossum to Preschool in Place of My Son and No One Noticed

I Sent an Opossum to Preschool in Place of My Son and No One Noticed

When a preschool refused to see his son as anything more than an autism diagnosis waiting to happen, Steve Edwards decided to test the extent of the school’s diagnosis tunnel vision