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Seriously, Why Do We Marry?

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The Greatest Speech Ever Made (Video)

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Guns in Famous Movie Scenes Replaced with Thumbs-Up (Photos)

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Changing the Culture: What Should You Do With a Passed-Out Woman? (Video)

A pillow? Novel idea!

One of the Best Dad-ads Ever Made (Video)

Baby + dubstep + one flexible camera.

Explore the 100,000 Stars Closest to Us with This Awesome Interactive Site (Link)

100,000 Stars gives users a chance to explore through the stellar neighborhood in one beautiful and interactive site.

Dudes, You Started Out As Girls. Fun Video Explains How!

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News: Homeless High School Students Take Top Marks, Graduate Despite Challenges

Not having a home or a family didn’t stop two young brothers from achieving despite the odds.

Fashion: Geek Beauty of The Month for June 2012 [#wrathofcon]

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Fashion: Geek Beauty of The Month for June 2012 [@marvel #scarletwitch #cosplay]

As long as she doesn’t whisper “no more Black people,” we should be all right … probably …

Culture: The Game That Community Made: Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne [@nbccommunity]

Now you can smash hippies, interact with virtual characters and more in the TV-inspired video game.

Music: The GZA Looks To The Stars For New Album, Dark Matter [@therealgza]

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