Confessions Of A Neat Freak Dad

cleaning up with dad

Children are slobs by nature, so what do you do when your dad-nature is the opposite?

9 Reasons to Stay at Home for Your Next Date

stay home dates

There are a lot of benefits to a stay-at-home date, some practical and some sexy.

I’m a Hopeless Romantic Husband, and Proud of It

affectionate husband

Rolondo Talbott showers is wife with affection and doesn’t care if people think he’s cheesy for doing so.

After 9 Years, I’m Finally Putting My Husband First

putting husband first

Meredith Carroll wonders if she’s doing enough to keep her marriage healthy.

I’m So Glad We Stayed Married For The Kids


They say you shouldn’t stay married for the kids… but sometimes doing it for them helps you find the reasons to stay together for you, too.

My Husband Gets up with the Baby — and It Saves Our Marriage


With every nighttime diaper he changes and every swaddle he perfects, I feel like he is saying, “We’re in this together.”