We Should Be Handing Out MORE Participation Trophies, Not Less

Craig Yoshihara reminds us that participation trophies are a part of adult life, too. Ever thought about your salary?

To the Parents of Bullies

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16 Ways I Show My Wife I Love Her

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I’m The Primary Parent, But I’m Not The Only Parent That Matters

Even though I may be the primary parent during the day, there’s always the night shift to make up for it, right?

The 6 Best Things Things I Learned About Myself, Post Divorce

Acknowledging your own past is really the coolest way to embrace all that future coming your way.

I’m Taking a ‘Wear Beige and Lay Low’ Approach with My Teenager

As the father of a teenage boy, I have become a skilled eggshell walker.

Divorce Will Change You Forever

Love requires us to dig deep foundations. You can’t just throw up a tent and call it a love affair.

Do Middle Kids Make Better Social Navigators?

Serge Bielanko is proud of his middle son’s street smarts, and new social theories back him up.

Dear Husband: You’re Hotter as a Dad

I see the laughter in your eyes when you’re playing with our kid. Do you have any idea how attractive that is?

People Who Don’t Want Kids Are Really Smart

They understand that the transition from being who they are now to becoming someone else entirely is just not a transition that appeals to them.

From Hollywood to Fatherhood in 5 Short Years

Remember that full bank account? Yeah, me neither. But the truth is, I couldn’t be happier.

Divorced Guys Make Better Lovers

Serge Bielanko is pretty sure his next relationship will be the best he’s ever had. By Serge Bielanko I’m pretty sure that my next serious relationship will be the best I’ve ever had. Why do you say that, divorced dude? Ha. Fair question. Divorced seven months now, the hurt and pain has been massive and […]

Compatibility: The Real Key to Happily Ever After

Serge Bielanko wondered what made his past relationships fail. Now he realizes that the answer may have been simple all along.

My 5 Biggest Fears as a Divorced Parent

#1: Has divorce ruined love for me?

The Danger of Calling Your Wife Crazy

Guys, calling the women in your life “crazy” is not going to bring you closer or solve any problems. Chaunie Brusie explains.

Fatherhood Means Always Eating the Bread Butts

Dads are in charge of eating all the pieces of food that no one wants, like ends of bread, brown bananas, and slightly stale cereal.