The Favorite Child

In one day, at the end of one year, that whole part of my life disappeared and it felt like maybe it had all been a wonderful dream. Or was this all just a terrible nightmare?

PDA Between Parents Is Actually Good For Your Sons’ Health

Read this … then go kiss your spouse in front of your kids.

An Open Letter to Kirk Cameron, ‘Who Thinks ‘Wives Should Submit to Their Husbands’

Mike Berry has something to say about how a healthy marriage works.

Princes William And Harry Get A Private Tour Of The “Star Wars” Set

They totally just wanted an excuse for an epic lightsaber battle.

Boys Will Be Boys…Until We Teach Them To Be More

It’s a striking truth that as the leader of the house goes, so goes the son (or sons). The pressure is on us as parents to model what we hope our sons will grow up to understand.

Why The Story Of These Two 4-Year-Olds Meeting On The Beach Is Touching Hearts Everywhere

Get ready for your heart to melt.

This Little Boy’s First Plane Ride With His Big Brother Will Give You All The Feels

Spoiler alert: it’s pretty adorable.

I’m That Awkward Dad At PTA Meetings Who Doesn’t Drink, But Still Wants To Be Your Friend

I’ll be over here, at the bar, sipping my Coke, and wishing that I knew how to make friends as easily as a third-grader.

We Tried Bribing Our Kid To Stay In His Own Bed At Night (And Epically Failed)

Long story short: Our bed is still not childless.

World’s Sexiest Dad David Beckham Hand-Sews Dresses For Daughter Harper’s Dolls

Because of course he does.

The 5 Stages Of Sizing Up Another Parent Before A Play Date

Allow me to introduce you to a little something known as “The Call” …

The Day My Kids Started Doing Chores Was The Best Day Of My Life

Did I cry when my son was born? Meh. Did I weep when he started packing his own lunch? YES.

To The Parent Who Feels Defeated: You Are Not Alone

There is hope — there are others on this road.

I Sent My Sick Son To School Because In My Office, “Dads Don’t Stay Home With The Kids”

In corporate America, there’s still such a stigma in guys leaning back a bit and putting family first.

Lego Unveils New Line Featuring Stay-At-Home Dad Figurine

No word yet on if the SAHD LEGO hurts any less when you step on him in the night.

“Parent Fantasy Hotline” Perfectly Nails What Really Turns Parents On

(And it’s the farthest thing from sex you could imagine.)