From Hollywood to Fatherhood in 5 Short Years


Remember that full bank account? Yeah, me neither. But the truth is, I couldn’t be happier.

Why, Son, Why?

Screen shot 2015-07-16 at 6.59.12 PM

Sam Avery recalls an evening where his twins gave him a bigger than normal mess to clean up.

James Harrison: Fighter, Healer and Man with the Golden Arm

James Harrison

This man is considered a saint around the world, but that hasn’t stopped him from giving the most precious gift anyone can give.

Triumph Over Tragedy: a Tale of Three Fathers

Three Fathers by torbakhopper

Ina Chadwick shares the story of three men who sustained her family through unfathomable loss.

How We Misinform Our Kids About Sex


Ignorance is NOT bliss!

The Joy of Fatherhood

The Joy of by Rod&Heidi

Witness the power of the father-child connection as this dad lip syncs a spiritual song for his baby. ___ Photo—Rod&Heidi !!!/YouTube

Like Fathers, Like Sons

Like Father Like Son by Entertainment Channel

Check out this heartwarming collection of photographs of dads and their boys.

Just Because I Get Up in the Middle of the Night Does Not Mean I Deserve Praise


After getting up with his baby daughter in the middle of the night, dad Clint Edwards heard himself mutter to his wife, “You should be grateful.” Here is how he found out he was wrong.

‘Smart’ Techno-Tots and Their Tablets

babies and technology

What will our new generation of wired-in babies bring?

Dad’s First Day Alone With Baby Is a Snap

Dads First Day by WhatsUpMoms

Home alone with baby? This dad has everything covered—literally.

We Chose NOT To Circumcise Our Son – Here’s Why

baby boy no circumcision

One mom is confident in the decision not to circumcise her son despite the AAP’s endorsement.

Dad Invents New Way to Get Baby to Sleep

Dad Invents by ILive Videos

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but this father came up with an ingenious way to keep baby snoozing.

Dad Dances and Baby Laughs

Dad Dances by Zach Monroe

A few dance moves from dad, and this baby is cracking up!

The Perfect Dad and Newborn Moment

The Perfect Dad by lovemelovemypug

If you’re looking for 60 seconds of pure rapture, this is it.

These Dads Have Superhuman Reflexes When It Comes To Their Kids


These superhero Dads are absolutely nailing it, left right and center.

Tale Of The Tape: Babies vs. Toddlers

Is the baby stage or the toddler stage more difficult to manage? Doyin Richards shares his opinions on the topic.