Being a Dad—Babies’ First Moments

Being a Dad by One Born Every Minute

Fatherhood happens gradually, then suddenly. These midwives shatter the stereotype of men never expressing emotion or shedding tears.

A Dad’s Resolve to Cherish the Ages


The Sunshine dad used to lie about his age. Then he kind of wished his kids were at different ages. Then he got the answer. Stop lying and wishing.

Five Things I Was Desperate For My Son To Do Until He Actually Started Doing Them


Dad and Buried could not WAIT for his young son to be able to do certain things. Until he did them. Now we have a desperate dad wanting to turn back time.

The 11 Supernatural Paranormal Phenomena of Kids


You think the Bermuda Triangle, haunted houses and Area 51 have some bizarre, out- of-this-world things happening? Mike, the Sunshine Dad, says you haven’t seen anything. He explores the unexplainable and eerie events that children manifest.

The Baby in the Drop Box

drop box baby

Saving children’s lives, one at a time.

Nothing to Do But Wait When the Baby Is Late


Dan Szczesny find peace in the calm before the parenthood storm.

A Dad’s Sad Good-Bye to the Baby Years


In a conversation with his two-year old daughter, blogger Ian Colvin realized that he is about to say good bye to the “baby years” forever. He’s not sure he is ready.

Five Reasons For Dads-to-Be To Enjoy Pregnancy


With baby nearly here, Dan Szczesny reflects on the first nine months and a little game he already plays with his nearly-born baby.

A Buddhist Dad’s Guide to Parenting

A Buddhist Dad by alanboar

Dharma teacher and mindfulness master Ty Phillips offers fathers a dose of practical philosophy.

Working The Baby Expo Circuit

baby expo 1

Dan Szczesny searches for a man’s role among the butt wipes and breast pumps.

100 Memories I’ve Made, and Can’t Wait to Share With My Son


An sweet open letter from a very excited dad, ready to share it all – the good, the bad and the funny.

Like Father, Like Son: Baby Flexes Muscles With Dad

Like Father Like by Rumble Viral

Watch this adorable baby imitate his father in the time-honored ritual of muscle flexing.

One Baby And Her Dog

dog paws JacciR:Flickr

Throughout pregnancy, we had friends and family continually ask us how we think our dog, Dax, will be when the little bundle of joy arrives into the world.

Ditch the Cover: A Dad’s Feelings on Open-Air Breastfeeding

Ditch the Cover: A Dad’s Feelings on Open-Air Breastfeeding

Joel Gratcyk doesn’t understand why certain parents have objections to mothers who breastfeed without covering themselves first.

Using Psychology to Get YOur Wallet Back


You might be surprised at this simple way to increase the odds of getting your wallet back.

Talking to Your Babies Could Help Them Do Better at School


We learn from talking to each other. How much can a baby learn from listening to us?