Why Half a Heart is Simply Not Enough

Here’s a way to open your heart to everyone, especially yourself…

Veteran Ping Pong—It’s Got to Stop

Support veterans — absolutely. Make it sustainable not by one time contributions but through legislation that ensures that their needs will always be a part of our national policy.

Taxpayers Let’s Take Our Government Back!

If the political system isn’t working for you, get involved and take action.

Why Half a Heart is Simply Not Enough

It is impossible to fully accept ourselves if have a problem with one gender or the other –here’s a way to open your heart to everyone, especially yourself…

When a Dad Dies, There is Never Closure for His Son, Only Lessons

As Brent Green thought back over the legacy that was his dad, fatherly clichés were what reached out for him beyond the grave. He found they became the most important advice. Here’s why.

Research Shows Old Age is Getting Younger All the Time

The life expectancy of a child born in a wealthy country today could well be 100 years. By the end of the century, the populations of many of those countries could have median ages above 65.

2015 Welcomes Generation X!

Generation X, your moment has arrived!

Sex In The Bermuda Triangle – What Boomer Men Are Doing Wrong

Ken Solin believes dating and sex for the Baby Boomer generation can be a mutually hot experience, but he has some tips he wants to share.

It’s Too Soon to Give Up on Millennials

Sami Jankins believes the Millennial generation holds the potential for innovation and promise of creating social change if just given the chance.

The Happy Male—a Work in Progress

Show me a happy guy and I’ll show you a man who’s sleeping!

When You Were My Age

Baby Boomers these days, am I right? A rundown of some harsh socioeconomic truths for a generation that needs to listen to their youngers.

Are Baby Boomers Doomed to Irrelevance in the Workplace?

Steve Kayser shares tips for aging workers.

Why Not Knowing What You Want Will Get You What You DON’T Want

Coach and Author, Dixie Gillaspie, challenges us to make decisions out of our vision of long-term results rather than defaulting to what is expected or what feels good right now!

Here Comes the Night: Death in the 60s

Jesse Kornbluth reflects on the inevitability (or not) of death with humor and grace.

When Did Sex in Fiction Get So Unsexy?

Mark Brand on the decline of quality, sex, and quality sex in mass market fiction.

The Way Millennials Give, and Why it Should Concern Us

Millenials give to charity in dramatically different ways than their predecessors.