My Wife Left Me Alone With A Crying Infant

A dad shares how his baby helped him overcome his greatest fear.

Dear Son, About that Door in Your Bedroom …

A father asks for forgiveness… from his infant son.

I’m a Dad!!! But I Don’t Feel Like One.

What am I supposed to do with this new being in my house?

Good Dads Know Baby 2.0 Is Right Around The Corner

C’mon, you didn’t think the sleep thing was going to improve did you? First-time Dads need to prepare for Baby 2.0. — Baby 2.0 – Here’s Your Survival Guide Congratulations you survived the first year of parenthood!  It was rough but worth it. This post is an INTERVENTION for any parent thinking it gets easier […]

Why Being a Foster Parent Can Stress a Marriage

It a lot of energy to foster children; it’s important to also take care of your spouse

Don’t Take It Personally: An Open Letter To A New Father

A new father’s cry for help inspires Keola to write a letter to all the fathers who struggle with a crying baby.

“No Son of Mine.” Declarations of a Dad on the Father He Doesn’t Want to Be

Christopher Dale is going to be a new dad. He has a lot on his mind and even more in his heart. It spills out here.

Baby’s First Bacon

Even babies love bacon.

The Gift

Christmas morning provides the occasion for this poignant and vaguely disturbing poem about the sometimes convoluted relationships between mothers and sons.

6 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Your Pregnant Wife

She needs to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that no matter what happens, she has you and she will not have to go it alone.

Dear Husband: You Make Being a Good Man Look Easy

A new mother writes a heartfelt Thank You letter to her loving husband.

The Forgotten Breath Of Life, Love And Happiness

Ryane Nicole Granados recalls the night her husband stole her breath and reminded her that they were All In for life.

#33: 10 Reasons Why Glastonbury & Parenthood Are The Same

It could be your baby screaming the house down or the early morning sun turning your tent into a sweat-den after a late night at Shangri-La, but sleep isn’t happening either way.

10 Things Couples Won’t Regret Doing Together Before They Have Kids

Living a little before you have kids will help you build a better relationship.

My Husband Gets up with the Baby — and It Saves Our Marriage

With every nighttime diaper he changes and every swaddle he perfects, I feel like he is saying, “We’re in this together.”

This Baby’s Laugh Will Make Your Day

Tom Fletcher put baby Buzz on his back and started blowing on dandelions. Buzz couldn’t stop laughing, and neither will you.