Dad and Baby Breakdancing Contest

Dad and Baby by Cute Adorable

This father and son breakdancing “battle” is so cute, it doesn’t matter who wins.

Baby’s First Words to Dad: I Love You

Baby's First Words by Stephanie Passalacqua

This two-month-old baby melts her father’s heart…and ours.

What This Big Brother Wanted to Know About His Little Sister


When one little boy met his brand-new sister, his parents were surprised by one big question.v

When I Was Pregnant


Matthew Lippman’s poem provides a dark yet quirky look at contemporary manhood.

Reflecting on My First Week As a Dad

reflecting on first week as dad Sharon Mollerus:Flickr

At the time of writing, I’ve been a dad for exactly seven days, 13 hours and 26 minutes. Possibly the fastest week of my life and definitely the best.

Move Over Charlie: Laughing Baby Bites Dad’s Finger

Charlie's Got Competition by HDCYT.jpg

Watch a dad turn one second of pain into 40 seconds of sheer joy.

Still Beating Heart


Short, lyrical, and imagistic, Kevin Minh’s poem contains all the compact power of a baby’s heartbeat.

A Baby Cries On a Plane, Do You Judge the Parents Differently Based On Gender?

baby crying

“I was stunned to see women around me fall all over themselves to ‘help’ this ‘poor dad’ manage the baby.”

A Letter to A Father to Be


Torsten Klaus advises on what you need to know as a new father

A Father Reacts: Baby’s First Laugh


This is what fatherhood is all about!

This is the Coolest Ad. Watch Spider-Man Meeting Spider-Baby (Video)

Coolest ad Ever. Evian Spider Baby

French water company Evian is famous for its baby commercials. The last one is memorable.

Our Pregnancy: A First Time Father Created This Beautiful Movie to Celebrate His Child


They took a picture everyday during their 9 month pregnancy. He wrote a song. That makes the most beautiful movie.

100 Words on Love: To You, My Wife

Wonderful Tonight

Because we love each other enough to dare to dream.

ADORABLE VIDEO: A Dad Joins His Six Month Old Daughter’s “Work Out”


The best part? When this dad tells his tiny daughter he loves her, she reaches out to touch him.

Nobody Has Ever Seen Baby or Godzilla Together in the Same Room…

baby, godzilla, infographic, vs, humor

Welcome to the comparative study to end all comparative studies, assuming those are still a thing. is dropping humor and knowledge.

VIDEO BREAK: 60 Seconds of Kick Ass Baby Kung Fu


C’mon over and see this darn baby video! S’FUNNY!